Lately, Psyonix’s action-packed football game, Rocket League, has the spotlight in the sports gaming genre today. With extreme football action and super equipped vehicles, many have come to love Rocket League and have recognized it as one of the best sports games at present. But does that mean classic football games have no chance against this super duper car-filled football game? Of course not. Electronic Arts has continuously developed FIFA each year, and continues to release them at present. In addition, their latest installment, FIFA 16, has received a lot of improvements and updates which for FIFA fans has been long awaited and well received.

But the real question remains: Which is better, football with cars in Rocket League or football with your limbs in FIFA? Let’s take these two awesome sports games and see why fans love them so much.

Rocket League

Rocket League goal

Our away team is Rocket League developed by Psyonix and launched last July 7, 2015, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Noted as extremely addictive and fun, this game is physics based, making your football experience as action-packed as can be. Rocket League has already been awarded the title Best Sports/Racing game in Game Awards 2015.  Whilst it seems that players particularly love the fierce competition that can be found in Multiplayer. With a range of DLC, competitive gameplay, and an eSports competition on the way, Rocket League’s success does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon.  Fans have even praised Psyonix’s ability to mix two things that aren’t even remotely related.  In the world where driving insanely powered cars and playing football collide, give it up for Rocket League.


FIFA 16 Team Intro

Our home team is one of EA’s most successful game franchises and all time favorites among sports fans around the world, FIFA. Immerse in football game right from your living room, score with your favorite player, win with your favorite team, or thrash your mates before a night out (or after). FIFA gives you an authentic feel, characters are based on real-life players, supporters sing your team anthem, and the commentary is excellent. Playing this will make you feel like you’re watching a live broadcast with commentaries from Alan Smith and Martin Tyler.

FIFA’s latest installment is getting even more intense as new content such as women’s teams and a trainer feature to guide those not familiar with football. To add, the game is really fun and involves a lot of strategy and skill. Sticking with the real deal is FIFA.

These two games look exceptionally awesome and are completely unique in their own aspects.  As to the question of which one is better, we’ll let you decide!  Head to the comments section below or have a look at our Twitter or Facebook page to cast your vote.