With the release of new Fire Emblem game, fans of the popular strategy series are diving back into gameplay that we’ve all loved for years. Additionally, beginners are trying their hands at the new Fire Emblem as Fire Emblem Fates has new accessibility features, class re-classing, and difficulty customizations that make it suitable for all skill levels and play styles.

With this accessibility in mind, I have come up with a Fire Emblem Fates beginner’s guide that will make your adventures in Hoshido and Nohr easier. You could also check out my Fire Emblem Fates review which covers all 3 versions of the game.

  1. Level and utilize Azura effectively

Azura from Fire Emblem Fates

In previous Fire Emblem titles, the Dancer (or Songstress in Fire Emblem Fates) class has been very weak, with very little combat capability aside from the ability to give one character an extra turn. Dancer classes have been notorious for having low amounts of health, and weak attacks. Azura in the new Fire Emblem is unique, as she not only can buff allies’ stats at later levels with her song but also becomes a formidable combat presence if you take the time and use her effectively. Even if you don’t use her as a fighter, her support role buffing allies and providing an extra movement and action can be vital for some of the tougher fights. Using her in Conquest is slightly more difficult as leveling can become difficult with fewer opportunities, but Azura is entirely worth it if you take the time to turn Azura into a powerhouse either for offense or support.

  1. Build support relationships

Fire Emblem relationships

Support relationships are a great way to learn more about the characters in your army, but building support relationships also allows the characters to have combat bonuses when they fight side by side. Extra dodge, chance to hit, even a higher critical chance can turn a difficult battle in your favor so utilizing these support relationships and bonuses can only be worth it for any prospective conqueror. You don’t simply just want to have a ton of C rank relationships either, the S ranks unlock the highest tier of bonuses while pairing units together in S Ranks also initiates the marriage and children mechanic to add Paralogues to your adventure. In the new Fire Emblem, having many support relationships between your army combatants means that any configuration of fighters can stand side by side and fight off an enemy, defending each other and taking the fight to those that would do them harm.

  1. Don’t stick to the same characters

Fire Emblem Fates Tips & Tricks

This beginner tip is especially difficult in the Fire Emblem Fates Conquest version when combat opportunities are limited. Leveling a variety of characters means that no matter what or who you are fighting you have the adequate units to take them on effectively. Having a balance of front line fighters, ranged fighters, and healing or support units can only benefit you in the long run, so feel free to mix up your battle parties a bit to give lower leveled characters a chance to level up. We all have our favorite characters, but balance your party with those characters and some new ones, so that if you are playing in Classic mode and one of your favorites does manage to die, your army can fill that void if you choose to carry on without redoing the battle entirely.

  1. Build up characters wisely

Fire Emblem classes

When a character reaches level 10, you CAN use a Master Seal to upgrade them to the next class or reclass them entirely. I am encouraging you to wait as if the character reaches level 20 before reclassing or promotion, their stats will have grown as far as possible in that current class before moving on to an entirely new class. Waiting prevents you missing out on stat bonuses and crippling the usefulness of a character by promoting them too quickly. If reclassing characters, do not reclass a front line warrior into a mage class; Look at their stats and try and decide what role they fit best in, or pick a character to reclass that can fill a role in your combat party that may be vacant. Build your army wisely, as late game fights will need all the power you can throw at them.

  1. Focus on paralogues and side-quests

Fire Emblem Fates Beginner Guide

This beginner tip is especially true in the Fire Emblem Fates Conquest route, as leveling characters through the limited number of Paralogues, DLC Xenologues, and side content not only unlocks new combatants but also gives your units a chance to level up and builds support relationships. This makes them more tough for the harder fights to come and allows you to prepare for fights that might give you trouble in the future. I’m a completionist, so attempting to do all the missions is something I do in every new Fire Emblem game. The importance of it is so much bigger in the Fire Emblem Fates Conquest route than it is in the Revelation or Birthright routes. This tip is suitable for all Fire Emblem Fates versions, though, as being overpowered for a fight is much better than being underpowered and overwhelmed by enemies.

There you have it! Five beginner tips for Fire Emblem Fates that all varieties of player can use. The new Fire Emblem is addicting and has a ton of content, but keeping these things in mind will help you make the most out of this fantastic strategy RPG adventure.