The official Final Fantasy XIV site has just released the patch notes for a big update. Patch 3.2, entitled “The Gears of Change”, will contain a huge amount of content, new quests to take on, dungeons, some tweaks, and many more.

Note: Patch 3.2 will only be accessible if Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward is registered to your service account.


The following will be included in The Gears of Change Patch 3.2 update:

New Main Quests – A long line that extends the game’s main quest is coming up. Adventurers will find changes brewing among them as the Dragonsong War reaches its climax.

Added Quests – Along with the main quests, new side quests from non-playable characters will be added in. A special quest named The Vath beast tribe quest will also be found in the update, and once finished, Vath Daily Quests will then be accessible.

Tweaks – FATEs named The Storm Caller, He’s a Firestarter, Making Waves, and Stopping the Shakes will have lower difficulty and enemies have been rearranged. Other FATEs will also be tweaked during this update. Character Statuses such as skill costs, damage, and etc will be adjusted too.

New Content – An array of character hairstyles, new character emotes/actions, and structures in areas have been all added in. There will also be some new items and new crafting recipes.

Brand new PVP Arena – Entitled “The Feast”, this PVP arena involves players stealing their opponents medals. The team which has the bigger number of medals will be declared the victor.

Mentor System – To give new players a little boost on the game, a mentor system will be implemented in Patch 3.2. Older players can now guide new ones, and teach them the ways of Final Fantasy XIV.

Resolved Issues – In game problems and bugs have been taken noticed and have been given a solution.

Besides the above mentioned, there are a few more add-ons, tweaks and new content to be found in Patch 3.2. For a more detailed view of The Gears of Change patch, check out the official Final Fantasy site’s official patch notes.

Final Fantasy XIV Online is available for PS4 and PS3, PC and Mac.