Square Enix recently introduced a new PvP mode to Final Fantasy XIV players with Patch 3.21: the Feast.

In the Feast, Final Fantasy XIV players will square off  against other players in teams of four or eight, with the main objective being snatching their opponent’s medals. Different variables will cause team strategies to perpetually shift: supply boxes will hand out various types of boosts, players will receive damage depending on the number of medals on hand and how much time has passed without a single KO.

Furthermore, a brand new feature introduced with Patch 3.21 is a ranked PvP system that players can participate in.  Access will automatically be granted to players who have unlocked the Wolves’ Den PvP arena that was introduced in Patch 2.1.

The first update marks the start of the pre-season phase, so players will have a chance to get used to the workings of the ranking system before they can choose to move on to Season One, which officially begins in the upcoming Patch 3.25. Exclusive rewards will be given to top competitors at the end of each season- players can check on ranks on the Lodestone, which is updated daily.