Over the years, the video game industry has become almost as competitive and high-budget as the Hollywood film industry. Video games are boasting more and more epic landscapes and wonderfully intricate level designs, many as inspiring as any Hollywood film set. Since the early 2000’s, video games developers have looked toward famous actors to star or at least, make an appearance in their video games.

With the implementation of motion capture technology in recent years, the video game industry seems to be catching up with films as a story-telling medium, and is now, without a doubt, an industry to be taken seriously, contrary to what was once thought.

Here we’ll take a look at 7 famous actors who also featured in video games. Seeing as a few of these video games feature multiple actors, we’ll be taking a look at those with the most prominent/important role. Be warned, there are spoilers ahead!

  1. Kevin Spacey in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

kevin spacey in call of duty

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From the unsettled Lester Burnham in American Beauty to the devious Frank Underwood from House of Cards, Kevin Spacey has no doubt proven that he carries a wide range within. Who better than the Machiavellian American political schemer to fill the role of vengeful Jonathan Irons, CEO of Atlas Corporation? Needless to say, his motion-captured performance in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare received high praise. If you need any indication as to why it was, just watch the trailer and listen to his rousing speech about the failures of Democracy.

  1. Ellen Page in Beyond: Two Souls 

ellen page in beyond two souls

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Ellen Page played a mutant who can phase through walls (and apparently send one’s consciousness through time…somehow), she’s played an architecture student who can design and construct entire dreams, and she’s played a pregnant teen.

Ellen Page was the best choice for Jodie Holmes, the haunted young girl with telekinetic and telepathic abilities, owing to the soul of a young boy named Aiden, residing within her. Pursued by the CIA for her supernatural abilities, Jodie learns to control her powers and fight back. Such angst, and such struggle— all familiar ground for the actress, who, along with fellow actor Willem Dafoe for his role as Nathan Dawkins, received high praise for her portrayal of her character.

Also featuring Willem Dafoe.

  1. Hayden Panettiere in Until Dawn

hayden panettiere in until dawn video game

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Sometimes it’s difficult to make choices in video games, not just because you’re not entirely certain of what the outcome of that choice will be, but because you don’t want to lose your favourite character. It doesn’t matter that they’re basically just 3D models comprised of data and pixels, sometimes you grow to like them, partially because you’re a fan of the voice actor. In this case, it’s Claire Bennet (for all you Heroes fans) and she’s not at all indestructible in this game. Famous actress Hayden Panettiere plays Sam, the most adventurous, and level-headed of the eight friends who travel to the creepy house in the woods. As with all the characters, there’s a chance she may perish because of one of the numerous choices you’ll have made, and this fantastic actress makes her possible demise that much more painful to watch.

Also featuring Remi Malek, and Peter Stormare.

  1. Kiefer Sutherland in Metal Gear Solid V

kiefer sutherland in metal gear solid on motorbike

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Guns, action, suspense, and a guy named Jack— Kiefer Sutherland is no rookie when it comes to adrenaline pinching action sets. He was Avi Arad’s suggestion to Hideo Kojima, as a replacement for David Hayter, who didn’t quite sound 40. Whatever the reason for their decision to cast 24 star, Kiefer Sutherland for the role of Big Boss and Venom Snake, it was the right choice, as it added to the emotional power in MGSV that was critically praised.

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