Nintendo fans and Super Smash Bros players the world over might be happy to hear that major sports channel ESPN is officially adding Super Smash Bros. to its eSports coverage line-up.

Darin Kwilinski, general editor of eSports for ESPN, tweeted the following on January 15th:

A few hours later, he posted another tweet confirming the previous one:

As of now, though, we haven’t heard anything about which game is going to get the ESPN broadcasting treatment, but the most likely picks are Melee or the newest title, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Launched just last week, the eSports vertical will supposedly be introducing more games to its roster in the future.  Super Smash Bros. will be joining other big-hitters in ESPN’s current eSports line-up, which include League of Legends and Dota 2, both big deals in their own right in the competitive gaming community. It certainly is no surprise that the major sports channel decided to pick up Nintendo’s hit crossover fighting game series, because it holds its own when it comes to the fighting game scene.

Checkout the turnout for this year’s Genesis, a tournament dedicated solely to the game, below:

Not too shabby. It’s evident that the mainstream is slowly but surely starting to appreciate the fighting/competitive gaming community for the potential it has. And while ESPN isn’t exactly breaking ground when it comes to fighting/competitive gaming coverage and live-streaming (Twitch comes to mind in terms of alternatives), it’s still something!