Starting March 4-6 with the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship, ESL will officially be bringing core competitive games to several streaming platforms on a global scale. The streaming platforms that will be broadcasting ESL’s content will be Twitch, Azubu, Hitbox and Yahoo.

“The most important aspect to keep in mind when creating an esports broadcast is the audience,” said Nik Adams, Senior Vice President Global Sales & Business Development at ESL. “Expanding our distribution channels was done with this very audience in mind. Now viewers all across the world have greater flexibility in choosing how to consume ESL content – a first step with many more to follow.”

Known to many as the world’s biggest company when it comes to anything eSports, ESL has broken many a record, including one for the “highest number of concurrent viewers on a single channel.” Said record was achieved when 1.3 million viewers watched the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competition in 2015.

To match its reputation, ESL has quite a number of competitions under their belt, both online and offline: StarCraft II World Championship Series, ESL National Championships and ESL One, to name a few. It’s great to know their content will be available to a bigger audience, as Twitch and other streaming services like it attract viewers by the millions as it is. This move, on their part, can only mean an increase of interest in the already steadily growing eSports scene.

The first broadcast under this plan was the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship (IEM) from Katowice on March 4-6.