So, they did it! Last week Nintendo grace us all with the inevitable announcement that a new Super Smash already in the works for Switch, confirming that Splatoon’s Ink boy and Ink Girl will make their first appearance in the franchise. Truth be told, that’s about all the information we have so far, other than the fact that the beloved brawler will make its return some time this year!

Of course, the natural thing to do next is wildly speculate what new characters might make their debut in the Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. Here’s who we’d like to see duke it out with Mario and Link the most:

Crash Bandicoot

The latest Nintendo Direct impressed us all with the announcement that the jean short-wearing Crash Bandicoot would be spinning his way onto the platform in the previously exclusive N. Sane Trilogy. But how good would it be if the crazy critter made his way to Super Smash Bros.? Kitted out with his traditional spin move and good friend Aku Aku, we’d love to see him hurl wumpa fruits at his enemies in an effort to throw them off the platform!

The character previously sat out Sony’s PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale, so surely its only a matter of time before Crash makes his fighting game debut in the original video game crossover series.

Geralt of Riviera

witcher 3 werewolf side quest

Recently announced to make a guest appearance in the upcoming Soul Calibur 6, we don’t think this necessarily means that its off the cards for the eponymous Witcher to feature in the new Super Smash Bros. Think about it, he has two swords dedicated to slashing, an adept knack for dodging, as well as a host of magic-based attacks which could make the white-haired creature slayer a force to be reckoned with.

Shovel Knight

shovel knight platformer

Surely this one has to be in the bag! A character who originally appeared first on the Nintendo 3DS, Shovel Knight is a character that wouldn’t be able to exist without Nintendo’s long treasured catalogue of classic platformers. It’s so likely due to developers Yacht Club Games already having secured an amiibo (the first third-party IP to do so), not to mention the fact that his titular shovel would be perfect for smacking legendary Nintendo characters back in their place. For Shovelry!

Doom Guy

A character whose expansive of sci-fi weaponry renders him able to duke it out with the rest of them alone, Doom (2016)’s release on the Nintendo Switch cementing the House of Mario’s willingness to dabble in the mature. What better way to show fans that you fully want the platform to be one for big and small kids alike than the inclusion of Doom Guy in Super Smash Bros.? His ultimate move would unabashedly have to incorporate the iconic BFG in some capacity, decimating those who stand in its line of sight.


Every Super Smash Bros. brings with it a new quirky character of some kind. Wii’s Super Smash Bros. Brawl let us wrestle with R.O.B the Robot for crying out loud! BoxBoy could fill this void for the Switch version, being perfectly equipped to protect himself with, you’ve guessed it, more boxes. Players loved him enough to warrant two additional sequels, so let’s see the square-shaped hero enter the fray, we say!