When I was a kid, DOOM taught me how to beat my own demons. Now, Bethesda is giving us the opportunity to do some Demon butt-kicking!  Yesterday, the notoriously awesome Bethesda Softworks, announced that DOOM will be available worldwide on May 13th, 2016 and will be released on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Microsoft Windows. HYPED!

In case you don’t know, DOOM is considered one of the most influential games of all time that defined a genre. It’s one of the earliest first-person shooter games and it’s finally back with modern graphics and new content. Blast your way to the depths of hell whilst gunning down hordes of demons or compete with your friends in a multiplayer deathmatch – you’ll tick these boxes in DOOM.

One of the coolest features announced is DOOM Snapmap. This allows players to create custom maps to play on your own or share with the community. Honestly, I think this feature will be a big break for the industry. Do you remember how the popularity of MOBA games started? It started with a custom map from Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne’s map editor, and now it’s spreading like wildfire across the world.

Alongside the game release, a premium collector’s edition of DOOM will be available across the world through participating retailers (because only timeless and epic games can do that…). With the cooperation of TriForce, the limited collector’s edition of DOOM will include an exclusive, fully realized 12” tall collector’s statue of one of the game’s iconic demons: The Revenant. The Revenant is modeled from the game’s actual 3D files and fully detailed with a LED lit base that features a slow-spinning turbine from the UAC facility on Mars. Oh, and before I forget, the collector’s edition also includes a copy of the game complete with metal case. A METAL CASE. It’s absolutely DOOM-ish!

You can pre-order the DOOM collector’s edition for $119.99 in the US, €129.99 in Europe and £99.99 in the UK. If that’s not enough then this should help you decide! In addition, fans who pre-order will receive a Demon Multiplayer Pack as well.

I hope you are all excited for the game’s official release.  Don’t forget to follow IGCritic on Facebook or Twitter for the latest news and reviews!

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