Diablo 3 seasons were a very welcome addition to the game when they first came out in patch 2.3.

It added replay value to the overall storyline of Diablo 3, as well as providing an incentive for D3 players to create new characters and level them, even after playing through multiple characters and classes.

When Season 4 hit, Blizzard added Seasonal Journeys, an enhanced achievement system that provided seasonal journey rewards including cosmetic rewards such as unique portrait borders and a virtual pet that could be unlocked through the completion of various tasks throughout the Diablo 3 seasonal journey. Now that Season 5 is coming to an end and Diablo’s season 6 is about to launch, it does beg the question, what could Blizzard do to entice more players to attempt the Seasonal Journey system and make season 6 journey rewards more attractive at the same time?

Colored Wings


This idea would take a bit of doing; essentially you could unlock a set of Diablo 3 wings (with a standard color) after completing act 4 of the seasonal journey, then by continuing on your seasonal journey you could unlock either different colors for your wings (like dyed gear) or different cosmetic effects, such as wings that are covered in lightning. A trail of glowing feathers behind your character in season 6… we can only hope Blizzard takes notice of this article.

Unique Bonuses and Rewards for Hardcore Characters

diablo-3-weaponsPlaying a seasonal hardcore character is a stressful and difficult endeavor; One death ends your seasonal journey and any potential seasonal journey rewards that could have carried over into the main game after the season ends. So, why not have additional seasonal journey rewards for hardcore characters? This would give the gamers that don’t play hardcore characters a reason to give it a try. Having items unique to seasonal hardcore character would most definitely lure more D3 players to create hardcore seasonal characters.

Class Specific Rewards


Every player has their own preference in what classes they like to play in Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. I enjoy the Demon Hunter and Wizard, but I don’t enjoy the Barbarian. Blizzard could encourage us to break out of our comfort zone a little by offering cosmetic rewards that can be worn by all classes, but must be unlocked by a specific Diablo 3 class. This would encourage players to try other classes in order to get the cosmetic attire they want, and would add a bit of variety to the unlockable rewards that can be acquired through seasonal journeys in Reaper of Souls.

Cosmetic Skins


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a variety of different looks for each Diablo 3 class? Maybe a blonde Demon Hunter or a raven-haired barbarian? Why not make skins that are purely cosmetic, simply to provide visual variety? It would take a bit of extra coding and generating, but as far as cosmetic options go it wouldn’t be a bad idea. This would offer Blizzard an opportunity to throw in easter eggs like a Warcraft Night Elf skin, or an Undead skin, all of which could be tied to the seasonal Journey progression and could be entirely optional.

Blizzard Entertainment has worked hard to make Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls full of content that its replay value is almost endless. The Seasonal Journey reward system reinforces this idea, and if Blizzard added some of these ideas in as potential rewards, the possibilities could be absolutely endless. Fans of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls would be able to go after cosmetic things that they want, or opt out of the Seasonal Journey and stick to what they know and love. Either way, it would be another avenue of longevity for D3 season 6, until either a new expansion or  a Diablo 4 title is announced.