Diablo III definitely has its ways to hide secrets, but this cow level isn’t one of them. Just a few days ago, a player named MadTom discovered the secret cow level called Kanai’s Stomping Grounds. Apparently, Blizzard created this easter egg in honor of Kevin Kanai Griffith, an artist for World of Warcraft and Diablo who sadly passed away two years ago.

“For those of you who may not know, Kevin was a talented and dedicated member of the Diablo III development team who passed away in October of 2014 from a rare form of cancer.” – Brandy Nevalistis Camel, Diablo Associate Community Manager

The portal can be summoned by going to the Immortal Throne in the Ruins of Sescheron. The throne can be found in the west-northwest area, once you approach Kanai’s soul, a portal to the hidden cow level will be opened.  The secret cow level has been in the game since the 2.4.0 patch, and will be available throughout the month of March. Blizzard has confirmed that it will be accessible throughout March, which was the birth month of Kevin Kanai Griffith.

This event is a chance for folks to get to adventure with Kanai one more time. We hope you enjoy the opportunity as much as we do.

For those curious of this hidden gem, check out MadTom’s video of how he got to the secret cow level found above.