Since its launch in September 2014, Destiny has been very divisive among the video game community. In one aspect, the shooting mechanics are some of the best in current gaming, though that is often overshadowed by its heavy reliance on RNG loot drops.

Many felt that its content became stale and monotonous after a few rotations. The release of its biggest expansion, The Taken King, fixed a lot of the original game’s problems though players felt the repetitive aspect was still there. Perhaps what is most puzzling about Destiny is why Bungie has chosen to keep all of its previous content largely irrelevant.

Replay Exhaustion & Gear Grinding In The Taken King

While Destiny’s expansion The Taken King’s new features are all fantastic, even they can get exhausting with repeated playthroughs. The Kings Fall raid is perhaps Destiny’s most well-designed and intuitive but it becomes a chore when it is the only means of getting high-level gear.

The Nightfall Strike does not give out consistent rewards nor is it a guaranteed way to level up. Obtaining new and better gear in Destiny is its most satisfying aspect, but the flawed loot drop system makes it a frustrating rarity at higher light levels.

New armor in The Taken King expansion


The Forgotten Content

If Bungie wants to maintain its audience over these so-called “dead periods” in between upcoming Destiny events and content, they should make sure that all of their previous content is still relevant with every new major content update. Previous raids like Vault of Glass and Crota’s End are still playable, but they only offer Year 1 rewards.

Weapons like Vex Mythoclast and Thorn can still be used in PvP, but are essentially useless in PvE. It is sad to say, but these weapons have been left behind which is a product of Destiny’s continuing evolution. Even though phasing these weapons out is somewhat understandable, it seems like a poor strategy to leave behind Year 1 PvE modes.

Destiny Year 1 Vex Mythoclast weapon

Vault of Glass and Crota’s End are two well-designed raids that should be updated with Year 2 rewards. The light level should be increased so that players have more weekly options other than just Kings Fall. Enough time has passed that players will want to revisit the once-exhausted Year 1 raids. It would be a refreshing change of pace for those who are sick of running Kings Fall every week.

If Bungie were to release new Destiny content that made these raids relevant, that would certainly help to maintain its player base while there is a lull in between expansions. In addition to these raids, there is also the Prison of Elders which seems to have been completely forgotten.

The Prison of Elders Destiny raid


Not Enough Resources At Bungie?

While there has been some speculation as to why this content is irrelevant, it seems most likely that they do not have enough live teams to support these raids. Everybody knows the raids have had problems (Crota glitching, ogres warping in Kings Fall) and Bungie might not have the resources to support so many large sequences. If this is the case and they are unable to provide adequate support in real time, then that is indeed a legitimate concern. Still, it is very difficult to understand why they aren’t putting more effort into this issue.

Even though the original Year 1 “road map” – a planned calendar of future Destiny content in 2015 – was never supposed to leak, it helped Destiny tremendously. Players were able to have something to look forward to and know that the game would still be worth playing in the years to come.

Destiny 2015 Road Map

Bungie absolutely needs to be more transparent in regards to upcoming Destiny events and content. There has been some hinting at what is in store for Destiny in 2016 though there are no set dates. In December, Bungie stated that they would be focusing on smaller free updates rather than large new Destiny content, but those small updates have only been PvP-based. In short, they are not enough.

Full Sequel – Destiny 2

New Destiny Content - Destiny 2 leaked

We don’t know exactly when, but we do know there is some new content to look forward to this year as well as a full sequel in 2017, which is very exciting news. With the promise of new Destiny content, it is also a good time to take a break from Destiny.

I personally am sitting on a stack of unplayed or unfinished games and Destiny has been a huge time sink for me. If Bungie isn’t giving us any details or new Destiny content, then that should be a clear indication that it’s ok to step away for a while.

If Destiny lives up to its original “ten-year plan” then we can expect there to be much more new Destiny content updates to head our way in the future. Hopefully, with each new addition, they will consider keeping all previous content relevant in order to maintain the wealth of content that Destiny currently has. This seems like a no-brainer for Bungie if they want to keep players hanging on during “dead times” in between DLC expansions and upcoming Destiny events.