Anyone who plays online regularly (or really, anyone who’s played online ever) has been there. It happens when you’re all geared up and ready to go, or even right when you’re in the middle of everything, bodies flying left and right. You’re on a roll but suddenly, it happens: LAG.

And we’re pretty certain Destiny players and lag are already well acquainted. Luckily, Bungie’s taking steps to correct that.

As was announced recently on their official site, Bungie’s making some adjustments to Destiny’s multiplayer mode to sort that lag business out with a matchmaking update. Said new system takes connection quality into account when setting up multiplayer matches between Destiny players. So from the update onward, connection quality will essentially factor in together with skill level in match-making, which will hopefully give players not only worthy adversaries to fight against, but less time being spent suspended in stasis, staring at the screen in agony while waiting for things to get going.

And it looks like Bungie is taking a baby-steps approach to the new Player-versus-Player combat system, because they’re supposedly keeping a close eye on how smoothly things will be going with the new system in place. If the update makes things easier for players, they’ll be applying it to more Crucible playlists in the future. This might be the small bit of light at the end of the tunnel Destiny players are waiting for, because there has been a lot of complaints, and rightly so, regarding lag.

The new Player-versus-Player matchmaking system went live yesterday, January 27th. Players can also expect another Destiny update in early February, around the time seasonal event Crimson Days rolls in.

And if you have any feedback regarding the new update for the game company, you can choose to leave it here.

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