On today’s steam releases, Oxeye Game Studio and Minecraft creator, Mojang, announces that Cobalt, a 2D platformer shooter, is officially released.

 Cobalt is out. It has been a long journey but it feels good be able to say the game is done!

Daniel Brynolf, one of the game’s developers, said as he celebrates Cobalt’s release. Taking place in a cosmic and robot filled world, Cobalt lets people play as cyborgs shooting enemies with their futuristic weapons. But it takes a twist on combat as Cobalt has slow-mo mechanics that can make game changing moves come at any moment!

The game features six different game modes for players to choose from. Into knowing more about the game’s lore? Cobalt’s got a story mode that allows players to play solo or on local co-op. Want to try going in the leaderboards? Combat and Speed challenges is the game mode to take players on the scoreboards. Other game modes are Survival mode, Deathmatch, Team Strike, and last but not the least, Plug Slam, a sport in the Cobalt world where the players objectives are to shoot a plug on their enemies’ goal. Players are given the option to play with others locally or even online.

Aside from game modes, Cobalt has different weapons that players can choose from as well as 80 different maps to loose yourself in. Cobalt is available on PC, Xbox 360, and on Xbox One.