In the recent updates on the upcoming first-person shooter game, Homefront: The Revolution, comes a new co-op mode that has all its maps and future content update for free. Last January 26, 2016, the developers official Homefront: The Revolution youtube channel released the trailer for it, and they’ve called this Resistance mode.

So what exactly is Resistance Mode? This is where players form a team online up to four players, and play co-op maps to fight against enemies.

Homefront: The Revolution is first and foremost a story driven, single player experience, but we are committed to making Resistance Mode an excellent companion to the campaign.

says Dambuster Studios’ Stephen Rhodes says during an interview with

Resistance Mode enables players to enjoy Homefront: The Revolution’s gameplay and environment along side other players. But it does not stop there. Rhodes has also said that Resistance Mode will have its own unique narratives that are different from the original campaign. These narratives could possibly be outside the campaign or events that happen after it.

The Resistance Mode does have its own narrative and continues exploring the narrative after the events of the campaign. We think the Resistance Mode adds a lot to the overall game and we look forward to supporting it and expanding it well into 2017.

For those of your thinking of getting Homefront: The Revolution, you’re in luck, Resistance Mode will come with it completely free. Dambuster Studios plans to launch free downloadable content for Resistance Mode for at least 12 months and will update regularly. Rhodes expresses that the team will put their commitment on Resistance Mode and its content, and assures players that they’d never charge for any other content.

Taking account on this mode being a four player FPS with narratives, Resistance Mode is similar to another FPS game called Left 4 Dead. Players are challenged to work as team, coordinating and moving together.

Beta testing for Resistance Mode has already started (January 29th), giving players and fans an appetiser of what its going to be like. Dambuster Studios has also announced that another closed beta test will be open sometime Mid-February.

Homefront: The Revolution is set to release on May 20th and is available on Xbox One, PS4 and on PC.  Those who want to get their hands on a day one release can pre-order below or on Homefront: The Revolution’s official website.