The long awaited action-adventure platformer game by developer EA DICE has finally revealed its trailer. That’s right, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst has finally got its story teaser for fans everywhere.

In the city of Glass, our young thrill-seeking protagonist, Faith Connors has led a carefree life until she stumbles upon the evils of the city’s Conglomerate. Using her abilities, Faith steps up to fight battles for the city and become its heroine. In this game, players will get to try the unique abilities of a runner in the city of Glass. Check out the trailer to see Faith turn from a carefree girl to a total bad#ss!

Here’s even more exciting news. With its release coming in a few months, the official Mirror’s Edge twitter had just announced a closed beta test for the game, giving fans a chance to get a taste of what it’s like being in the world of Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. The eligible platforms for the closed beta include PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on Origin for Windows.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst official release date is set for May 24 with the closed beta test running up until then.