1. Stan Lee (Superhero Stan) Funko POP

Stan Lee (Superhero Stan) Funko POP VinylBuy Funko POP’s Superhero Stan Lee

Guilty of cropping up in almost every pop culture-related video game, movie and comic – well okay just the Marvel ones – Stan Lee is unquestionably the king of cameos and as such, makes the ideal desk friend whether at work, home or office. The POP vinyl figure itself sees our favorite comic book creator don a superhero costume all his own, complete with mustache, glasses and a determined look in his eye that screams: “go get ‘em true believer!”

  1. Portal 2 Aperture Science Test Subject Jacket

Portal 2 Aperture Science Test Subject JacketBuy a Portal 2 Aperture Science Test Subject Jacket

Whilst the idea of being trapped within an underground facility, forced to carry out test after test by  lovable yet roguish tormenting enemy AI would seem like a night mare to the average person, us gamers know that nothing would be much more entertaining than a day trip to Aperture Science under the watchful eye of GlaDOS. This vibrant orange jacket successfully lets us live out this twisted fantasy in style, stepping into the shoes of Chell whilst always looking stylish.

  1. PSOne Game Case Coasters

PSOne game case coastersBuy PSOne Game Case Coasters (UK ONLY)

This set of nifty PSOne coasters masterfully replicates the original look of that console’s game packaging, ensuring that everytime you invite a guest around to yours for a nice cuppa they’ll be impressed by your choice of home furnishing. Featured in the pack are faithful recreations of the Wipeout, Parappa the Rappa, Gran Turismo and Destruction Derby box art, letting the 90’s live on through you and your friends’ caffeine addiction.

  1. Assassin’s Creed “Leap of Faith” Statue

Assassin’s Creed “Leap of Faith” statueBuy Ezio Leap of Faith Statue (Assassin’s Creed)

If you’re someone finding yourself wanting yet another statue in which to display in your selection, there are plenty awesome gaming-related choice out there. We’ve gone for this impressive “Leap of Faith” statue featured as part of the Ubisoft collectables range, which sees fan-favorite assassin Ezio midway through the legendary motion, being finely detailed and quite hefty for a relatively affordable statue option.

  1. Borderlands Origins (Comic Series)

Borderlands Origins (Comic Series)Buy Borderlands Origins (Comic Series)

Taking the various vault-hunters from 2K’s wildly addictive shoot ‘n’ loot Borderlands series and thrusting them into their own comic book adventure, this limited series does a great job at fleshing out some of the backgrounds of these characters which up until now has remained relatively obscure. A must for any true Borderlands fan, this extra bit of expanded universe looks gorgeous, is well written and might just tide you over until the inevitable third game arrives.

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