Hardcore fan of Capcom’s iconic hero Mega Man? Well if you’re willing to part with a tiny sum of $99.99 then you might want to look into getting this rather eye-catching pair of headphones.

Manufactured by gaming headphone specialists EMIO, the official Limited Edition Mega Man HD LED Headphones emulate the beloved character’s classic headgear pretty nicely. It hits all the right notes design-wise, even including built-in, fully functioning LED lights on either side of the device.  It’s a pair any fan would recognise right away, and would want to add to their collection.

You might have to hurry if you’re planning on nabbing a pair though, because they’re on a limited edition run and supplies might dwindle as hardcore Mega Man fans scramble to get them.  The $99.99 price-tag includes free shipping if you live in the US. International fans will unfortunately have to sit this offer out at the moment, as EMIO only ships to customers throughout the United States.

As of now, EMIO has been keeping mum about the headphones’ technical specs, like audio output and whatnot, so getting hold of this beauty is probably a gamble if you consider yourself an audiophile. You can, however, take comfort in the fact that these are officially licenced by Capcom, so you know they’re legit.

As for other Mega Man news, the blue bomber will be appearing in Mega Man Legacy Collection for the 3DS in a little over a month from now. Mega Man Legacy Collection features remastered versions of the original six games, all in a little bundle with some sweet new features on the side. 3DS players can also look forward to the Mega Man-themed DLC armour coming out in Monster Hunter Cross on the 3DS.