After two years of being in its Early Access on Steam, Ndemic Creations is proud to announce that Plague Inc: Evolved is releasing version 1.0.

On February 18, 2016, Plague Inc: Evolved is set to release its first official version of the game, adding more features and updates to the game. A few of its biggest highlights are co-op multiplayer, wherein players have to work together to infect the world, multiplayer AI, custom content editing, advanced statistics tracking, twenty new scenarios, and three major diseases to spread around the globe.


When we first announced the game’s release in Early Access, we had a clear list of features that we intended to bring to the game and I’m proud to say that we’ve achieved all of them, along with lots of other cool things that were requested by players!

Ndemic Creations was happy to announce that they’ve gotten many fans to infect our planet during its Early access, and was glad that players were kind enough to give feedback and request game features. With overwhelming support from their community, Plague Inc: Evolved is now getting its official launch next week.

Plague Inc: Evolved is available for both PC and Xbox One. More Information and updates can be found on Plague Inc: Evolved ‘s official twitter.