Over the past few years, a lot of fans have been hoping and dreaming for a comeback of their favorite hyperactive marsupial. Yet, even with its overwhelmingly huge number of fans longing for a new Crash Bandicoot PS4 game, Activision nor Sony Playstation have given any go signal.

Crash Bandicoot’s return has been long teased by many things found on the world wide web. Back in 2013, One of the things that really fueled fans’ excitement was when Amazon.fr had leaked a Crash Bandicoot PS4 image on their website by accident. Later on, this image was removed and no other news about it ever came out.

Publisher Activision has also been teasing fans of a comeback during talks and interviews revolving Crash Bandicoot. One specific interview between Kotaku and Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg have given fans so much hope for a new title. In the interview, Hirshberg said:

I love Crash Bandicoot. Those were some of my favorite games growing up and I would love to find a way to bring him back, if we could.

What made things more heated up was when a fan posted a supposedly “official” trailer of a Crash Bandicoot game for the PS4 back in early 2015. You can check below to see the fan made trailer:

*Not an official trailer. Video is skipped to 25 seconds due to fake Sony intro screens

There have been several rumors in the past about Crash Bandicoot’s return, but all of them were never confirmed officially. A summary of the past hints and clues for the game’s return has been posted on Reddit. On a recent note, there have been more rumors spreading about a new Crash Bandicoot PS4 game.

Last December 5th at PSX 2015, SCEA president, Shawn Layden came up the stage wearing a Crash Bandicoot shirt as he spoke. During the live stream of the event, many fans had commented speculations of Layden wearing the shirt to announce the return of the crazed hero. But unfortunately for fans, he made no mention of Crash Bandicoot. No one has confirmed if whether or not, Layden wore it out of homage to the series or if a new Crash Bandicoot PS4 game was ever coming.

Wearing a Crash Bandicoot Tshirt

Another recent clue was found on February 6th when the official twitter account of PlayStation Middle East posted a picture of Crash on a wanted poster. Written in Arabic, the photo’s caption had said, “Most Wanted: Where are you Crash?”

Can we expect a new Crash Bandicoot game?

Many of the fans became enthusiastic and eager to know whether or not Crash Bandicoot was really coming back. And to add up to this excitement, just recently, NECA toys director, Randy Falk, had mentioned that Sony was looking forward to bringing Crash Bandicoot back during an interview with Youtuber Pixeldan.

As he was talking about their line of figures for Sony games like Uncharted 4, Little Big Planet, and God of War, Falk had mentioned:

“We’ve got back in with Sony. And looking at some of their other titles… I see they’re bringing Crash Bandicoot back, so there’s some great stuff there.”

As of now, there is still no actual confirmation from Activision, Sony or the original developer Naughty Dog about a new Crash Bandicoot game coming but fans are still hoping for it.

On a side note, a Youtuber named Anisotropic has been posting progression videos of a fanmade Crash Bandicoot game he’s working on using Unreal Engine. You can check out this video below to see his work: