Blizzard’s upcoming release Overwatch has kept the attention of gamers around the world alive with their masterfully crafted trailers and an appealing array of colorful Overwatch characters.

However, the hype quickly dropped after more information came to light: it turned out the Overwatch game was not going to be free-to-play and was not going to benefit from an open beta, which was what people were expecting. Only benefitting from a very restricted Overwatch beta, it ended up being impossible for the average player to get their hands on such a promising game.

Blizzard’s very few updates on the game, the Overwatch release date and its availability, mixed with a sentiment that the game was not going to be as good as it was promising, left a bad taste in people’s mouth. So is Blizzard’s Overwatch worth it? With a $40 price tag, people are scared a game without single player might not be worth it.

Update: Check out our Overwatch Open Beta feedback, we have played it.. a LOT!

Is Overwatch Worth Buying?

Is Overwatch worth it?

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It has been over a year since Overwatch was announced as Blizzard’s new FPS and a lot of people had been eagerly following Blizzard’s updates. After a brilliant, computer animated movie-type trailer, the studio’s fans had been waiting for access to this completely new universe. With its cartoonish military science fiction storyline, Overwatch was promising to be a new turn from Blizzard’s fantasy formula. Turning away from the serious tones of Starcraft, the story of Overwatch features a lighter tone and happens in the future, on our own planet. Blizzard’s former MOBA game Heroes of The Storm, has been a major success in the franchise and follows a more classical approach to this type of game: getting a new round of free characters every week and needing to purchase them if they want infinite play. It has come as a surprise that the game would need to be purchased entirely to be played, instead of being free with in-game micro transactions. However, within Overwatch, the players will have access to any character at any time, for the low price of $40.

Overwatch gameplay

With its extremely closed Beta, it was harder for players to actually try Overwatch and determine if Overwatch is worth buying. The impossibility to play mixed with the frustration of having to experience Blizzard’s new FPS game solely through streaming and YouTube videos left a lot of players thinking the price was not worth it, describing Overwatch as overrated and some even said that Overwatch is boring. Most viewers had lost hope of gaining any early Overwatch access and a few were bored with the perspective of only being able to watch other people playing it.

Temple of Anubis map

Now things are different.

Furthermore, Blizzard also recently announced that an Overwatch open Beta would indeed take place for a very short time, right after the shutting down of the exclusive Beta. This Overwatch open Beta will take place from May 5th to May 9th and any pre-order of the game can get you into it for two extra days. Though not a long beta, this gives a wider range of people the opportunity to actually access the game before its official release. This decision has created a more positive attitude around the game, the Overwatch open beta announcement being what the players wanted to hear the most from the updates. So what are the player’s current feelings about the game now that this announcement has been made? How has Blizzard handled things commercially for this upcoming FPS? Is Overwatch worth buying?

Bastion from Overwatch

Blizzard has heard the concerns of most players and had a response to it in time. Overwatch is setting itself apart from other online shooting games by way more than only its price tag. By purchasing Overwatch, the players will be able to play as any hero at any time. This is particularly important considering that one of the game’s features is the ability to change characters during a match which ultimately leads to ever-changing team comps that can change the game completely.

According to Blizzard, making the players pay for the game allowed for all players to have access to all characters, creating larger possibilities in terms of gameplay, and making it equally fun to play for everybody.

Not only that, but gamers will access their new skins and patches for free. It is also possible for players to purchase limited editions of the FPS game, receiving more goodies in the process. Most players have accepted they will have to pay the price for this game: Blizzard has had enough success with its video games in the past that fans have decided to trust their decision with that one and they expect nothing but a quality game. A certain feeling remains that the way they handled their promotions and the Overwatch beta was not the right one: hyping the crowd this much while making it impossible for them to experience the game for themselves is not the best idea. It makes it easier for players to get bored with what they are seeing without having actually gotten to experience it.

Multiplayer fun - Is Overwatch worth buying?

With Blizzard recently announcing the Overwatch release date for May 24th, 2016, the Open Beta and an imminent new short series on the Xbox website, the hype for the game that had totally died on is back alive and well. If Overwatch doesn’t really hold many surprises for the Overwatch fans that have been following gameplay videos for a while, it can be back to introducing new elements of the universe and getting discovered by more and more people. Now that everything has a date, those people can actually get excited about it without getting the frustration that past people experienced. The people that have known about Overwatch for a while get to have a refreshing look at the story/lore as well.

So to answer the dying question “is Overwatch worth it?”. The most decisive days for Blizzard’s Overwatch are ahead. It is when it is actually out and in the hands of anyone who wishes to play it that we can determine if Overwatch is worth buying. Let’s be honest, though, Blizzard games are usually worth the money. For any additional information make sure to read our Overwatch preview.