While Blizzard is storming ahead with new content for Overwatch, unexpected player feedback has recently surfaced regarding one pose of the perky time-running-shooter, Tracer.

Tracer is described as a silly, innocent and happy-go-lucky character with a lot of cool skins, stunning victory animations and fun poses. But one specific pose seemed out of character. The pose is viewed from Tracer’s back as she takes a glance over her shoulder with her butt exposed and loosely shaped by the straps on her legs. A forum user named Fipps said that this pose reduces Tracer’s fun-and-fast character into a female sex symbol. Another user named Thrawna also mentioned being uncomfortable with the pose, agreeing with Fipps that Tracer’s pose doesn’t fit with Tracer’s character.

Tracer original over the shoulder pose

“This pose does make me uncomfortable and I don’t use it, but only because it’s completely out of context with the character. I am not uncomfortable with Widow’s overt sexuality because that is her archtype: Femme Fatale. Tracer is more of a tomboyish, innocent, youthful and joyous character. Emphasis on youthful. So, gross dude.” -Thrawna on Tracer’s pose

Ultimately, Blizzard responded to this complaint. Game director Jeff Kaplan said “We’ll replace Tracer’s pose. We want everyone to feel strong and heroic in our community. The last thing we want to do is make someone feel uncomfortable, under-appreciated or misrepresented.”

Blizzard will be removing Tracer’s pose and replace it with an alternate one that fits her cheerful character. Kaplan mentioned that he and the art team weren’t exactly happy with the pose as well, so getting rid of it isn’t just a matter of handling a complaint from their community, but a chance for them to create something even better.