Sony PlayStation has just announced beta and story details on their official blog along with another PS4 trailer for Hitman: World Assassination. Instead of showing cutscenes or gameplay, Hitman takes a different style to tease fans.  In a chilling and thrilling narrative, the trailer shows how the world of Hitman works. There is violence that we do not know of, a series of unfortunate events happen to different individuals, a microscopic film goes missing, a mafia trial is cancelled for a lack of evidence, and even more. The world as Hitman describes it has a place where power is inline with luxury and violence.

 Professional killers shape the world you see.

In terms of the launch date we are told that the launch date is scheduled for March 11th whilst the beta is expected on February 12th.  Those of you who pre-order the Full Experience or Intro Pack from the PlayStation store will have GUARANTEED access as do players waiting on the Hitman Collectors Edition.

As you may know Hitman: World Assassination will be released episodically with the first episode being titled “The Director”.

Check out the trailer for Hitman: World Assassination above!  For the full announcement be sure to visit official Playstation blog.

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