Buy The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

  1. Skellige Undvik Armour

skellige armor witcher 3This free piece of DLC only requires a small download…and a lot of gold. Go to Kaer Trolde in Skellige, and from the Blacksmith, you should be able to acquire each piece of the Undvik armour, which offers up to 498 armour points in total and offers a decent bonus against monsters and elemental attacks. This medieval Viking-esque outfit will surely help Geralt fit in on the isles as he scares its monsters away.

  1. Mastercrafted Feline Armour

feline armorThis fantastic light armour set offers immense improvements to stamina regeneration, and attack power. You’ll need to be at least level 34 to don this armor, but it offers up to 432 armour points in total.

  1. Nilfgaardian Guardsman Armour

nilguardianThis is pretty heavy gear and consists of just the armour and gauntlets which both require different levels (28 and 31, respectively). Though they don’t offer as much in regards to damage resistance, only a total of up to 232 armour points, the gauntlets provide a 50% chance critical hit bonus.

  1. Manticore Armour

manticore armorAmong the many armour sets offered by the Blood & Wine DLC, is a replica of a set found in the first game. The Manticore armour set requires a minimum level of 40 but offers up to a total of 509 armour points. Not bad for a sleek looking set of leather garments.

  1. New Moon Armour

new moon armor witcher 3Speaking of sleek armour sets, this all-black outfit can be obtained in from the Hearts of Stone DLC. It’s certainly not the best armour in the game but it is far from the worst. You’ll find pieces of the armour hidden in treasure chests around the new area of Novigrad/Velen. It offers a total of 436 armour points and a few glyph slots.

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