One of the most satisfying things in the The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is finding weapons and armour scattered throughout the vast lands of Novigrad, Velen, Skellige, and Toussaint (with the Blood & Wine DLC), or at least those rare bits of crafting material for a bit of armour you’ve been trying to get one of the various blacksmiths to make for you. There is quite a bit of variety in both style and stats. Some look great yet do little to protect you, while others might make you cringe yet protect you from almost everything you’ll face in your monster-filled travels. But you only want the best, right? Well here they are, the 10 best armour sets in the The Witcher III: Wild Hunt in no particular order, since their dependability relies on your combat style.

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  1. Grandmaster Ursine Armour (Blood & Wine DLC)

grandmaster ursine gear witcher 3This armour set is only obtainable if you have the Blood & Wine DLC. It’s the last and final level of the Bear School gear set. Along with a handsome fur neck lining atop a shimmering grey chest piece, the ursine armour heavy armour set grants you protection of 509 points in total (boots, trousers, gloves, etc…) with bonuses to protection from monsters, as well as slashing, bludgeoning, piercing, and adrenaline points gain. It also adds a 200% bonus to the Quen sign. Its schematics can easily be found across Toussaint after talking to Zdravko in Beauclair.

  1. Viper School Armour

viper gear witcher 3While the basic game only allows you to scavenge for two swords from the Viper set, the Hearts of Stone DLC allows you to hunt for the armour set which grants you a total of up to 409 armour points in total. You’ll have to be at a minimum of level 39 in order to don this armour, but it offers bonuses against elemental attacks and poison, which is perfect for those pesky monsters that keep hurling balls of poisonous fluids at you.

  1. Grandmaster Wolf Armour

grandmaster wolf gearThis medium armour set is found in Toussaint, in the Blood & Wine DLC. This shimmering armour offers you a total of 509 armour points with bonuses to monster attacks and an 11% bonus to sign intensity. It’s perfect for those who don’t favour the heavy armour sets but still desire their defensive qualities.

  1. Grandmaster Griffin Armour

grandmaster griffinOnce you reach level 40 and acquire the Blood & Wine DLC. As with all other grandmaster armour sets, this armour set grants a bonus to sign intensity. This one is unique in that, if you’ve donned at least three pieces from it, you’ll be able to cast a sign with no stamina cost for 3 seconds after you’ve cast one.

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