1. Telltale Games

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The same can be said for any of the numerous Telltale games out there—Telltale Batman, Telltale Game of Thrones, and Telltale The Walking Dead, to name a few. These episodic point-and-click adventures feature thrilling stories, a heavy focus on storytelling and dialogue options. If you’ve never even looked at a video game before, you’ll find that these games each offer an amazing place to start. There are various changes in pace and you’ll quickly learn to master quick-time events, which every gamer knows is ‘gaming 101’.

  1. Tomb Raider

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Some of you might say, “I don’t need anyone holding my hand, certainly not a video game!” well then try Tomb Raider, the game that’ll give you training wheels while letting you feel as though you did it all by yourself. Yes it’ll give you the occasional on-screen prompt and quick-time events are present but, for the most part, you’re free to succeed or fall prey to the mysterious island of Yamatai. It is quite evident, just looking at the level design, that this game wants you to survive, and like a questionably strict parent, it’ll punish you dearly for failing. You’ll face waves of enemies, the difficulties of which increase just gradually enough that you or your gaming newbie friend will be able to adapt and really familiarise yourselves with the controls. It’s a great way of easing yourself into third-person action/adventure games.

  1. Minecraft

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If action/adventure isn’t quite your thing, and limitless world-building entices you, the famed Minecraft is something we definitely recommend you look into. You’ve probably seen screenshots of the creative monoliths users have spent countless hours building and maintaining. Despite the threat of green cubic zombies or spiders, Minecraft is a game in which you can calmly mine for resources, and construct anything you can think of. The really fantastic thing about this game is that it’s incredibly easy to learn and can be played in both first and third person.

  1. Infamous: Second Son

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The first thing you should know about this game is that it is aesthetically awe-inspiring. If you want an epic introduction into video games, Infamous: Second Son may just be the intro for you. The story and world in which it is set is not wholly connected to the rest of the Infamous series so you don’t need to worry about feeling lost. In fact, the entire game is quite beginner friendly, from the aforementioned story to gameplay in general. You can feel free to traverse over this fictional Seattle and destroy everything like only a delinquent turned-super powered hero/villain (depending on your choices) can. The protagonist, Delsin, is easy to control and it makes manoeuvring across the city that much more enjoyable for third-person fledglings.

  1. Rome: Total War II

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There are games out there that challenge the strategic mind, none better for the newcomer than Rome: Total War II which, as with others in the Total War franchise features both RTS (Real-Time Strategy) and turn-based strategy elements, so you can either rule from above and conquer Europe with complete confidence in your generals and armies or, you can micromanage and lead your armies into every battle you face, and make no mistake, you will face a lot. The game includes a thorough tutorial for the beginner gamers, so you won’t just be thrown to your place atop the empire with no idea of what you can and can’t do, unlike some. We’re looking at you, Elagabalus!

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