As an idea, taking the law into your own hands sounds like it’d promise an incredibly fun time. The reality of it…well, it’s different. Thankfully, we’re given dozens of superhero video games wherein we can seek out our own form of justice vicariously through the masked video game vigilantes, most of the time that means superheroes (or vigilantes) and a battle between good and evil on an epic scale. Here are the 10 best superhero video games in which you take the law into your own hands.

10. X-Men Legends

x men legends

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Quite different for its time was the 2005 superhero video game, X-Men Legends which revolves around Alison Crestmere, AKA Magma, a mutant with the ability to control volcanic activity. She’s abducted by the Genetic Research and Security Organisation briefly before being rescued by the X-Men. With them she trains and helps to uncover a plot to darken the Earth by none other than the villainous Magneto. The game allows you to construct your own team of four X-men for each mission and while the graphics were nothing to be astonished about, the gameplay was dynamic and exciting. Plus, it features Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier!

9. Spider-Man (2002)

spiderman video game 2002

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This classic Spider-man adventure is a beat-em up superhero game developed by Neversoft Entertainment back in 2000 when video game characters could seldom open their hands. If you look back at it now, the graphics will not amaze you, but this vibrant masterpiece successfully excited us and made us laugh. It offered a lot for the kids who played it, including a hidden ‘What If’ mode, which made it exciting to replay it.

8. Batman: Vengeance

Batman Vengeance

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Based on the animated series, Batman: The New Animated Series, Batman: Vengeance gives us another of the Joker’s dastardly plots. Despite being a video game made for kids, it featured some vaguely mature themes and kept us interested with its plot, since it’s oftentimes awkward camera angles and buggy gameplay didn’t. Still, it was one of the best superhero games for its time, featuring the talented voice acting of both Kevin Conroy as Batman, and Mark Hamill as the Joker.

7. Ultimate Spider-Man

ultimate spiderman

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Clearly trying to stick to the comic book source material, 2005’s Ultimate Spider-Man saw Peter Parker in his teenage years, still struggling with his role as your friendly neighbourhood Spider-man. It’s was a refreshing change after several sub-par Spider-man games and included a slew of villains to web up and punch. That, and you get to play as Venom, which is as incredible an experience as it sounds.

6. Spider-man 2 (2004)

spiderman 2 video game

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When we talk about the Spiderman video game based on the film, we don’t mean the PC version…that version doesn’t exist, we don’t talk about that version. The PS2 (or literally any other version) was well received because of it’s fantastic web-slinging experience coupled with the best swinging mechanics we had ever seen back then. There were a ton of side-quests, the inclusion of Black Cat, Shocker, and Mysterio, all the while following the film’s plot relatively closely.

5. Batman Arkham City

batman arkham city

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It should be no surprise that this phenomenal video game is on the list. Following what we thought was the best super hero video game ever, was the best super hero video game ever. Batman Arkham City took what was great about Arkham Asylum and gave us even more, along with some improvements (yes, we’re including Riddler’s ‘riddles’). As any great video game worth Batman, Arkham City includes a beautifully written story full of twists and shocking turns for both fans and newcomers alike.

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