If you ask someone what their favorite genre is, they’ll never say ‘racing’. For some reason, it just doesn’t click with a lot of gamers, probably because you don’t have a gun and can’t shoot things. However, the best racing games will give you a lot more fun than their metallic exteriors would indicate, and that’s why we whipped up this handy list of racing games to help you choose…

  1. Cel Damage HD

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Re-released for the PS4 around two years ago and the Xbox One this year, Cel Damage was initially an Xbox, Gamecube and PlayStation 2 arcadey racing shoot-em up.

And if that description doesn’t whet your vehicular appetite, I don’t know what will. Cel Damage allows you to drive around in a series of wacky cars, playing as a series of increasingly wacky characters.

These cars can be equipped with machine guns, axes and knives, throwing you and your opponents into an arena for a bit of good ol’ fashioned deathmatch.

  1. F1 2015

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Formula One games tend to get severely underrated. Without all the sports cars and glitz and glam of other racing series’, F1 usually gets sidelined in favor of other, more popular franchises.

But it’s not without its merits. F1 2015 is a fun, tightly-controlled racer that reminds us to not forget the Formula One games in among the Forza’s and Gran Turismo’s. Even better; it comes packing a brand-new Pro Season mode, a grueling challenge which features no HUD and no gameplay assists of any kind.

For seasoned veterans only.

  1. Project Cars

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Though it sounds like a high-school science project, Project Cars is arguably the most realistic racing video game available on current-gen consoles.

Unfortunately for owners of the PS3 and Xbox 360 (and Wii U), their version was cancelled. Whether this was due to the fact that Project Cars would be extremely difficult to get right on older hardware, we don’t know, but it’s a sure bet.

The racing game looks stunning, and though it only features a small roster of cars, each of them is rendered beautifully. A sequel has already been confirmed to be on the way, so give this one a spin before it hits.

  1. Dirt Rally

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If you like your racers to be taken off road, then Dirt Rally is the racing game for you. The title is about as self-explanatory as they get too, and you’ll be racing your hardened sports car through a series of increasingly dirty rally courses.

And by dirty, we mean in the muddy sense. Of course. Dirt Rally is strictly family friendly, and the only time it’ll cause you grief is when you wince in pain as your car does several barrel rolls and whacks into a wooden post. Ouch.

  1. Need For Speed (2015)


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Need For Speed, like many other racing games this gen, took an online-centric approach to its gameplay design. But unlike a lot of other games this gen, it didn’t really work, but that did not detract from the gameplay itself.

Indeed, this aspect was as fun as ever. While it could be argued that the singleplayer story that the game presented was unnecessary, it was fun, and it was cheesy – and the developer knew it.

And that’s the great thing about Need For Speed. It wasn’t afraid to take risks, and managed to carve out its own unique space in a relatively crowded market. And, as expected, the visuals and sound design were out of this world.

  1. Trials Fusion

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The trials series is all about bikes, insane stunts and… physics. Lots and lots of physics.

Not that those physics are in any way realistic, mind you. Rather, Trials Fusion thrives off its poor attention to actual science, which makes it all the more fun for the player to experience.

Trials Fusion doesn’t really shake up the formula much, but did it really need to? No, it did not. The core concept remains the same; drive your bike and its unfortunate passenger through a series of stages, attempting to pull off as many crazy moves as possible.

Wheelies, flips and stoppies are the order of the day here, and Fusion is so damn fun that you’ll forgive its similarity to every Trials game ever made.

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