Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the seriousness of modern video games. Genres such as the first person shooter, high fantasy JRPG and online MMOs continue to gain popularity, leaving video games for kids in somewhat of a niche.

To help parents decide which PS4 video games are best for their kids, or which games can be played with as a family, IGCritic has put together a list of what we consider the 10 best video games for kids available on PlayStation 4 in 2016.

  1. LittleBigPlanet 3

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Let’s start off with one of the most charming and creative entries on this kids video games list. LittleBigPlanet 3 successfully innovates on the addictive create and share formula successfully established within Media Molecule’s first two games to deliver the ultimate in side-scrolling platforming. Although it might appear daunting at first to dive in and create your own levels, on show here is a near-unlimited supply of well-built levels, provided by a dedicated and talented community of Little Big Planet players.

The game’s story mode may be short, but is both sweet and whimsical largely thanks to the stellar voice work of Stephen Fry and High Laurie. With many additional loveable characters such as Swoop and Toggle this time in the mix, an enjoyable time will always be had in this highly entertaining and child friendly PS4 video game.

  1. Skylanders

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Just when we thought that our favourite purple dragon had fallen off of the face of the earth, Spyro returns with a bucket load of friends in the form of Skylanders, a Diablo-like dungeon crawler that sees players protect the Skylands. The first in the increasingly popular toys-2-life genre, Skylanders reinvented the way kids play video games, setting in place a creature collection addiction the industry hadn’t seen since Pokémon.

With plenty of worlds to explore and plenty of creatures to collect, it’ll be easy for kids to get caught in the Skylanders mindset, now being able to customise, trap and even create their own characters.

  1. Disney Infinity

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Allowing anyone to dive in with their favourite Disney franchises which in recent years had spread further to include Star Wars and Marvel (you might have heard of them), Disney Infinity 3.0 makes for a great platform in which to play. Coming complete with a plethora of story and add-on packs, a sand box toy box mode in which you can create your own world and a gigantic character roster.

With the recent reports that Disney Infinity will no longer be supported, don’t let that prevent you from diving into one of the best toys-2-life PlayStation 4 game options around, and at the lowest price out of the three major players, it is still one of the best kids video games available.

  1. Hohokum

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Hohokum is without doubt somewhat of a special game, even more so when you consider that it’s not for everyone. Allowing players to control a multicoloured serpent character gliding through various inventive worlds, the video game doesn’t task the player with doing anything per say, instead leaving it up to your imagination to relax and discover more.

It’s impossible to talk about this kids game without mentioning it’s soothing yet diverse soundtrack, constantly propelling you forward as young gamers will find that the lines are blurred between the game and interactive experience.

  1. Insert LEGO game here

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Well, they had to appear on this list somewhere, and rather than fill this list with 90% LEGO games we’d thought it best to clump them into one solid entry. Of course, the LEGO video game title you choose will be largely dependent on your affiliation to the franchises available, but no matter which Lego title you pick up you can always expect an enjoyable co-op smash and build adventure. In some instances, picking up the LEGO equivalent of Jurassic World might even serve as a great entry point to the IP.

Of course, for those feeling particularly generous, TT Games’ wildly successful toys-2-life version LEGO Dimensions is always on offer. Providing a well thought-out and deep story campaign that is sure to have something for kids as well as older audiences and a great PS4 family game, LEGO Dimensions may be a concise way to grab a taste of most LEGO licences providing you have the budget.

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