If you’ve invested in PlayStation VR, you’ve done so knowing that you’re taking part in an experimental time in the commercial lifecycle of virtual reality. For as immersive and astounding the up-close experiences can be, Soy is still having a problem getting it in people’s hands and showcasing its benefits. With PlayStation VR, it really is a case of ‘seeing is believing’. Because of this, the VR-related announcements were slim at E3. However, there were a few gems worth shouting about. Here’s the best of them:

Beat Saber

Somewhat of a mix between a Star Wars fever dream and Guitar Hero, Beat Saber is a futuristic music rhythm game that requires you to keep the beat moving by viciously swiping at the notes running down the highway. It’s a relatively simple concept, but with the headset on and the intense beats literally hitting, it’s hard to deny the satisfying feeling of being your very own Daft Punk Jedi. It’s already been released on other VR platforms, but now PS4 owners will soon be able to get in on the action.

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission

When PlayStation BR originally launched back in October 2016, it did so with its own minigame based on the PlayRoom mini bots. One of the more feature complete offerings in this collection saw you control your own bot throughout a diorama-like luscious world. Well now, the fine folks over at Studio Japan have taken this concept to make a full game. Long story short, it’s a fully-fledged platformer translated to VR. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission launches later this year and we couldn’t be more excited.

Ghost Giant

In a similar game to Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Ghost Giant once again has you peer over a cutely nimble protagonist set to undergo an ambitious adventure. The difference here is that you’re actually a character in this world, namely, the eponymous Ghost Giant. It’s being developed by the guys who gave us Stick it to the Man and Zombie Vikings, so you know for certain that the charm will be turned up to 11. How you affect this small world below is set to be core to the play experience, being one only possible in VR.

Trover Saves the Universe

Justin Roiland’s Rick and Morty has by this point become a phenomenon. However, not content with dominating the animated TV world his dedicated video company Squanch Games continue to bring this particular brand of ludicrous humour to PlayStation VR in the form of Trovor Saves the Universe. If last year’s Accounting + proved anything, it’s that the team there certainly know how to take advantage of the interactive medium. Trover Saves the Universe might like a cartoony action game, but we’re pretty sure your sides won’t be able to stop splitting while playing.