1. Cyberman and Dalek Fun Pack (Wave 3)

dr who box with character next to it

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Although the Doctor Who Level Pack turned out to be somewhat underwhelming, providing the ultimate fan service with all 13 doctors but with a lacklustre plot that didn’t provide much setting, it’s companion fun pack once again makes for some extensive fun. Featuring the most iconic Doctor Who villains around in the Cyberman and Dalek, you will be able to travel across the universe as you “Delete” and “Exterminate” in only the way they know how.

Where else will you be able to see these two iconic villains team up in an effort to thwart the doctor, as the Cyberman uniquely rides on the back of a Dalek. Each character comes fully voice acted by original actor Nicholas Briggs to deliver fans a truly authentic experience that easily makes up for the disappointing level pack which can still be great, if only for the TARDIS as a playable vehicle.

  1. The Simpsons Level Pack (Wave 1)

simpsons box level pack with homer next to it

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The Simpsons level pack (like the Portal 2 pack) was one of the first packs available back when LEGO Dimensions initially launched in 2015. Most likely to no one’s surprise it still remains one of the best sets you can buy for the game, if only for this fully realised LEGO version of everyone’s favourite cartoon town alone.

Included in the pack itself are a Homer character figure, his car, and the taunt-o vision TV from the show. The star of the pack other than the world and the story mission entitled The Mysterious Voyage of Homer, is perhaps somewhat surprisingly Homer’s car which is capable of transforming into three wildly different and fun configurations. Whereas one is simply its normal appearance, it’s possible to build it further into both a ship and submarine. Despite a few notable absent voice actors, this Simpsons level pack is one of the most visually unique and lengthy on offer for LEGO Dimensions.

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