So Disney may be out of the game, recently announcing that their wildly successful Toys-2-Life video game series will soon be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that LEGO Dimensions fans out there need worry with plenty of fun LEGO Dimensions expansion packs already out there in the wild.

From LEGO Dimensions Level packs that fully thrust you into the world of a hugely popular IP to Fun packs which make all of our favourite characters and vehicles playable in another licensed world or “Dimension” if you will, 5 waves of colourful brick-breaking fun are currently available to add to your LEGO collection.

Here are 5 of the best LEGO Dimensions expansion packs that provide some of the best enjoyment and deliver the best bang for your buck (In no particular order). Worth noting that the majority of packs on this expansion packs list feature characters and worlds unavailable in any other video game! If you don’t have the LEGO Dimensions yet then you can get the LEGO Dimensions starter pack right here.

  1. Portal 2 Level Pack (Wave 1)


portal 2 box and lego character

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Truth be told, you can’t really go far wrong with any of the level packs available for LEGO Dimensions, but it is true that out of the level packs released so far some shine significantly more than others. One of the best level pack around is undoubtedly Portal 2. The LEGO Dimensions expansion pack not only is a way of proving that LEGO as a phenomenon perfectly transcends any age group, but also is the only way for fans of the Portal franchise to continue the story of Chell.

The Portal 2 level pack contains Chell herself, a sentry turret vehicle and a trusty companion cube which no Aperture Science test subject should never find themselves without. Whilst playing the level pack, you’ll find yourself coming up against 5 simple if innovative test chambers which each provide their own unique LEGO spin on the puzzles Portal is now known for, before culminating in a boss battle with fan favourite villain GLaDOS that will once again test your wits.

  1. Scooby-Doo Team Pack (Wave 1)


scooby and shaggie box set with characters

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Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to drive around the land of Oz or Gotham city in the one and only mystery machine? Purchase the highly affordable Scooby-Doo team pack and you’ll be able to do just that. Although not gracing us with another story level which you are able to find in the main game, the team pack does provide an adventure world that gives players the opportunity to cruise around in one of the most iconic cartoon vehicles whilst making for some great dialogue between Shaggy and Scooby.

Complete with Scooby snack, mystery machine, shaggy and Scooby, if there’s one thing this team pack nails perfectly, it’s world and characters from the show. From mid-air flutter jumps to the way Shaggy cautiously swings at enemies, your two new characters are perfectly realised within this LEGO world. What’s more, if this wasn’t enough, the entire aesthetic of the main game is overhauled in place of a cell-shaded setting to make it feel more like you’re in the Scooby Doo cartoon.

  1. Stay Puft Fun Pack (Wave 5)

stay puft fun pack box and character

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Whilst the main Ghostbusters level pack is somewhat marred by the canned dialogue that is haphazardly pulled from the original movie, it’s companion fun pack still allows for some great fun to be had. Featured in the expansions pack is the formidable marshmallow villain himself Stay Puft, readily accompanied by the nightmare-inducing “Terror Dog” known in the movie as Gozer.

Whether it’s the charming way Stay Puft is able to tower over any of the present AI characters around whilst leaving marshmallow footprints behind, or the way Gozer perfectly snarls whilst the Ghostbusters theme plays in the background, this Lego Dimensions fun pack fully commits to the campy if somewhat unnerving tone of the movie. Perfect for all the gamer dads out there, the Stay Puft version is one of the best fun packs around for LEGO Dimensions.

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