There are some moments that occur when innocently indulging in a recently released video game, that simply just need to be seen to be believed. Over the years YouTube has played host to many viral gaming videos that have taken the internet by storm, with some even going on to spawn memes, remixes and dare I even say fake trailers. New random recorded instances find themselves online each and every day, yet only a certain few have truly stood the test of time!

From the lunatic adventurer leading his confused team members into a suicide mission to game glitches that take an 80’s horror icon from scary to downright hilarious, we’ve compiled some of the best moments in gaming ever captured and uploaded to Youtube. Some you may have seen these amazing gaming moments, some you may have not. Either way each of these picks represent some of our medium’s funniest or one-time moments, after which you’ve seen, you’ll never be able to forget!

  1. All singing all dancing Xenomorph (Aliens Colonial Marines)

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Talk about being in exactly the right place at exactly the right time, the all singing, all dancing Xenomorph from Gearbox’s frankly embarrassing attempt at making an authentic colonial marines game set in the Aliens universe is the perfect example of how glitches in games can have a funnyside.

Youtuber Grizzly Case recorded the incident of a Xenomorph dancing up a wall to the tune of Tim Pan Alley’s “Hello Ma Baby” back when the game was originally released in 2012. The clip served to perfectly encapsulate the poor state in which the game was released, effectively showing what happens when video games suffer from terrible AI. Thankfully this time, the results were hysterical.

  1. xPeke backdoor vs SK Gaming (League of Legends)

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One of the best gaming moments on Youtube comes in the form of the final of an Esports League of Legends world championship that has since garnered over 7 million views on the site. Back at the 2013 IEM Katowice event, Fnatic beat SK gaming in one of the most notable games the medium has seen.

When all hope seemed lost in the final minutes of the match when SK had absolutely no Nexus towers remaining, they won the fight 2-0 before making their final move to clinch the match. Little did they know that xPeke’s Kassadin had snuck into the base, manoeuvring around Kev1n’s Olaf to win the game by taking down the Nexus with an unbelievable back door. The look on their faces said it all!

  1. Thomas the Tank Engine Mod (Skyrim)

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Picture the scene; you play a lowly traveller scaling the heights of Skyrim, an expansive fantastical land in which you are its only hope of saving. Suddenly out of nowhere the unnerving echo of what sounds like a train engine tentatively getting closer, what can it be you might ask? Thomas the tank engine of course, acting as the ultimate force to be reckoned with by falling out of the sky like the nightmarish manifestation of a child’s worst dream.

The modding scene on PC has given birth to some of the most creative and downright weird instances to be found amongst modern games. Skyrim in particular however was one of the most popular breeding grounds for this sort of activity, with someone replacing the game’s traditional dragons with a well known British children’s character – creating a threat even more unsettling than macho man randy savage.

  1. Mom get the camera (Modern Warfare 2)

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Ah the kill-cam! First introduced in game changing First Person Shooter Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the Kill-cam gave players the opportunity for players to see where they went wrong, plan their next move and (as this next video proves), lose their mind as they experience the full extent of just how lucky that game winning knife kill actually was.

“Mom get the camera” was a video uploaded to Youtube at the height of Modern Warfare 2’s popularity, displaying the final kill on fan-favourite map Highrise by one very lucky gamer who managed to throw a knife just before falling to his death – only to land a shot right between the eyes. Player “C8 Swap” then proceeds to lose his mind at the achievement, desperately yelling for his mom to (you guessed it) get the camera!

  1. Leeroy Jenkins (World of Warcraft)

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Since its initial launch in 2004, many clans and guilds have attempted to defeat the various dungeons and raids to the best of their ability, yet what most of these lacked was an awe-inspiring battle cry that would help them be victorious in the upcoming challenge ahead. Suddenly in 2005 when Youtube was just beginning, the internet was ablaze at the sound of a rebellious Pals For Life Warcraft member yelling at the top of his lungs, “Leeeeeroy Jeeennnkins”.

The video displayed the various team members discussing their battle plan to the most complex degree, with one of the members even citing that their chances of survival compared to their previous failed attempts was now 32.33% reoccurring (repeating of course). However one of the team members remained strangely quiet before completely disregarding the suggested plan, leading the charge to the tune of one of Warcraft’s now most famous in-game character names, eventually becoming canon in the universe.