Sometimes there’s simply nothing better than being able to let loose behind the sights of your favourite gun, unleashing the ultimate heroic power fantasy and feeling like a badass as you do so. 2016 turned out to be one of the best years ever in gaming for First Person Shooters as a genre, while Doom allowed us to fight like hell and Titanfall 2 sneaked out a surprisingly good story component, online offerings like Destiny really got into their stride.

We thought we’d look ahead to 2017 at some of the most promising and best First Person Shooters set to release in 2017. It doesn’t take a genius to assume that we’ll be treated to our annual wealth of Call of Duty, but these are some other First Person Shooters that are worth keeping in your diary. Lock n load everyone!

5. Prey

Set within a hyper-stylised futuristic setting reminiscent of films like Blade Runner and The Running Man, Prey is being developed by the same talented folks that let us roleplay as both Corvo and Emily towards the end of last year as some of the game industry’s most stealthy and sneaky assassins. Arkane have proven that they have no trouble creating beautiful worlds we just love to roam around in, and it’s for this reason that we simply can’t wait to explore it as Morgan Yu, a space station passenger caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The game takes place within an alternative timeline in which John F. Kennedy chose not to drive his car with the top down, surviving the assassination attempt which Prey suggests led to more investment into American space programs and therefore methods to meet new life. It’s already been speculated that as with Dishonored, we’ll be able to approach combat situations in a plethora of ways, and we couldn’t be more excited to get murderously creative.

4. Battalion 1944

While Battlefield 1 was able to transport us to the mud-clad trenches of WWI France towards the latter half of last year, those looking to take their historic FPS action a little further will soon be able to continue the fight for world freedom in the kickstarted WWII game: Battalion 1944. A multiplayer only experience in the vein of Seige or Overwatch, Battalion 1944 is being developed by a relatively small indie team who have been craving a return to visceral shell-shooting action amidst the famous battles of the Second World War.

Battalion 1944 is said to be very skill-based by design, so those hoping to make a long term commitment to a shooter that’s offering something a little different will find themselves right at home. For the first time in what seems like forever in an online shooter, succeeding isn’t dependent on how many perks you have assigned or armour you have equipped, it’s simply – like in a real war – about who can pull the trigger the fastest. Sign us up!

3. Get Even

An indie First Person Shooter from the talented folks at The Farm 51, Get Even is just as much a psychological thriller as it is a shooter that’s been coming for a long while. Finally after three years in development we’ll get to see what’s behind this intriguing story in 2017, which has been deemed by many as a spiritual successor in the vein of Deadly Premonition.

Why exactly do we want to get even? Why are we looking for this woman? And why didn’t the proprietors of this rather dark and dingy building choose not to invest in adequate lighting? Hopefully answers to these questions and more will be answered when the game releases later on this year. We’re tantalised by the prospect of Get Even’s still secret multiplayer component which has been said to “blend” with the single player experience. Could it be taking a leaf out of the Dark Souls handbook in this respect? We hope so!

2. Star Wars Battlefront 2

In many ways, Dice’s 2015 reboot of the much-beloved Battlefront sub-series of Star Wars games was merely a proving ground for things to come. Even around the release of the game fans and critics alike threw their eyes forward into the future after a session or two. Star Wars Battlefront was able to show everyone that a downright gorgeous Star Wars FPS was indeed possible. But the lack of a fully-fledged single player campaign left a fair many people leaning towards the Dark side.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 looks to be one of the best first person shooters of 2017 and has already been confirmed by both EA and Dice to feature a robust narrative that will let players jump around the intergalactic timeline and explore events otherwise lost as the midichlorians themselves. It’s interesting to note that while Overwatch players seem content in online only endeavours, Star Wars die-hards are indeed a different breed (or should that be species?) who quite rightly want an excuse to be involved deeper. Thankfully Star Wars Battlefront 2 is seemingly promising to hand you that narrative shovel.

1. Destiny 2

Destiny 2 FPS GameDespite knowing very little about Bungie’s highly-anticipated space opera sequel, it’s hard to imagine that Destiny 2 (or whatever it’ll end up being called) not being a vast improvement over what the original Destiny was when first undergoing launch. More raids, more gear, and more tactical strike co-op missions would be a nice start for sure, as well as better laid out end game loop to keep us engaged far after we’re done with the game’s central campaign.

Regardless of the content we’re confident will be fantastic, when buying into any Bungie First Person Shooter it’s a given that the actual act of shooting a gun in game will always feel like a dream. It’s this tight and smooth shooting experience which gets our trigger fingers really itchy, that and the thought of plenty more planets to explore from one of the industry’s most experienced minds.