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There’s nothing better in RPG games than being able to enter an eerie cavern with nothing but your sword or spell in hand, ready to take on whatever monstrosity lurks within the subterranean shadows. That’s just one of the many great experiences we’re given in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Since it’s being re-released for current-gen consoles, let’s take a stroll through memory dungeons, and look at the 10 best dungeon levels in Skyrim.

  1. Bleak Falls Barrow

bleak falls barrowMore than likely the first dungeon you got to explore in Skyrim, the lead up to Bleak Falls Barrow began very early, if you choose to follow Hadvar, he’ll point to Bleak Falls Barrow in the distance and talk a bit about the fears he’d have of the ancient Draugr creeping out from their tombs high in the mountains (thanks Hadvar. We didn’t need to sleep tonight). It helps to build up that moment when you’re standing beneath its towering arches in the blizzard, slowly approaching the stone door. Bleak Falls Barrow is also one we remember because we had to leave and go back again for that golden claw, and subsequently fail at trying to figure out the door puzzle, only to slap ourselves because it was so simple. What? You didn’t? It’s also the first time we see a Draugr overlord, and use that shout for the first time.

  1. Blackreach

blackreach dungeon skyrimOf all the cryptic lands and caverns you stumble upon in Skyrim, few are more mystifying than Blackreach, the dwemer ruin that pulls you into another world. In the darkness of the abandoned city, lie colossal, glowing flora, and vicious little fauna (as well as ancient mechanised guards), soaked in an eerie mist surrounding each ancient stone structure. There are quite a few ways to get into Blackreach, which spans from the edges of Dawnstar, to the mountains north west of Windhelm.

  1. Sunderstone Gorge

sunderstone gorge skyrim dungeonIf you ever wanted to feel like a true adventurer, you may have fought your way through Sunderstone Gorge, the cave seemingly lined with a variety of oil and spike traps, and home to a host of fire-spell wielding mages, necromancers, and their skeleton horde. The word wall at the end gives you the ability to breath fire though, so despite all the potions and wheels of cheese you had to wolf down, it’s all worth it in the end.

  1. Ragnvald

ragnvald dungeon skyrimBy the time you come across Ragnvald, chances are that you were already accustomed to the dangers and perils that filled the multitude of dungeons in Skyrim, and yet, you still weren’t prepared for the infuriating battle awaiting you in this particular temple. You could make it through the traps, you could cut down a dozen draugr warriors, but fighting Otar the Mad? You’ve never pressed ‘load game’ so many times in your life.

  1. Mistwatch

mistwatch skyrim dungeonFor the most part, the dungeon levels in Skyrim are just filled with words of power, or precious jewels and trinkets for you to hoard, but Mistwatch contains something more. The fort is filled with bandits, and in raiding this fort, you might come across a man who seeks to rescue his wife. It seems at first as though this mission will be like any other rescue, but it really isn’t. It turns out, his missing wife is leading the bandits that took the fort, and depending on your choices during this mission, everyone can go on with their lives peacefully, or everyone will die.

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