British developer Bulkhead Interactive’s World War 2 first-person shooter Battalion 1944 has recently reached its initial funding goal after a mere three days since its conception.

Surpassing their initial funding goal of $142,000, the successful Kickstarter funding campaign for Battalion 1944 has accumulated more than $250,000 so far, with 24 more days to accrue even more funds for development.

As a big thank-you to all supporters of the campaign, including a number of content makers and press figures, Bulkhead Interactive has recently released a touching video addressing the support they’ve received and showing new footage of the game.

As of now, stretch goals for Battalion 1944 haven’t been revealed but they’ll be announced further into the campaign. The team also has something pretty awesome in store for prospective supporters and players in terms of stretch goals, so keep an eye out for that!

Battalion 1944 harkens back to the golden age of first-person shooters with its World War 2 setting and old-school weaponry, bringing WW2 to the next generation with help from Unreal Engine 4. The game will strip the competitive first-person shooting system down to its bare bones, putting emphasis on raw skill instead of relying on game-breaking outside factors like unlockable abilities or kill-streaks. And indeed instead of unlocking in-game advantages, higher-ranked players will receive purely visual rewards with which they can decorate their characters and weapons.

Additionally, the team has no plans for microtransactions to be included, ever.

Based on the reward tier they choose to invest in, supporters get cool goodies, such as alternate weapon skins, signed physical boxed copies of the game (which are limited in terms of stock!) and personalized platinum Battalion Founder 1944 dog tags. Furthermore, the team is setting up their Twitch channel for development streams to be broadcasted in the future.

The game is officially set for launch on the Microsoft PC, Xbox One, and the Sony PlayStation 4, and is now available for pre-order on their Kickstarter page.