Pokémon was a huge part of my childhood. I had cards, action figures, every game that came out (aside from the mystery dungeon set; sadly I missed out on those) and as many other bits of merchandise as you can think of. When I heard about Pokémon Go, I was (understandably) excited, as now through the augmented reality that Pokémon Go aims to create; I can catch, trade, battle, and train a variety of monsters encountered in my everyday life.

The possibilities of catching and interacting with them throughout a normal day are seemingly endless, and Nintendo is creating an experience that may very well revolutionize how fans interface with the now over 700+ Pokémon available in its world.

Pickachu was caught in Pokemon Go

With that being said, fans of the Pokémon series will say that not all are created to be equal, we all have our favorites. Here is a rundown of some of the little monsters that I am interested in seeing (and how they might be encountered in our world). It should be noted here that there has been no mention of how many unique Pokémon will be supported on Pokémon Go, so the ones listed below may not make it into the final game.

1) Eevee


Many of you are probably asking “Why Eevee? Why not include one of his or her many evolutions on this list instead?” And the simple answer for that is that I believe the standard Eevee does not receive enough love from the Pokémon community and fandom. A more practical answer is that there are so many places an Eevee could show up in the real world connected to Pokémon Go, that the possibilities are nearly endless. Eevee could show up in the wild, in city settings, or any number of possible destinations which would open the door for all the Eevee evolutions to make an appearance as well!

2) Pikachu

Pikachu in the wild

Let’s be honest here, Pikachu is just a given at this point. From the first time I saw Pikachu in Pokémon Yellow (as well as the cartoon series of course,) I like many other children fell in love with the adorable electric mouse. I’m curious to see where the beloved mascot will show up in the world; will it be in a power plant? Or will Magnemite and Magneton be power plant Pokémon with Pikachu showing up some other way?

There is also the distinctive possibility that we may be given Pikachu as a sort of starter or even a training Pokémon to teach you how to catch others in the wild.

3) Gardevoir


Of all the grass types in recent years, I have a strange liking for Gardevoir, there’s simply something about the graceful Pokémon that I really enjoy. I would love to see Gardevoir frolicking around patches of flowers, or in grassy areas; though with it also being a Fairy Pokémon (with psychic abilities) the areas that it could show up are rather varied.  Either way, it would be interesting to see Gardevoir interacting in a sort of natural habitat, as there is very little information on where Gardevoir like to spend their time if they are not fiercely connected to a trainer.

4) Jirachi


This addition to the list is PURELY because I think the concept behind Jirachi would be a cool one to seek out. I think it would be incredibly creative for Jirachi to be spotted during celestial events such as meteor showers or other events relating to shooting stars and planets. With Jirachi being a Wishing Star Pokémon it would only make sense for Nintendo to make that as a sort of special event for Pokémon Go players.

5) Ninetales


Ninetales is one of my all-time favorite Pokémon, but Ninetales takes the last spot on this list simply because I understand that not many people care for Fire types (besides Charizard), or prefer ones such as Fennekin and the evolutions provided with him or her. Despite this I have been a fan of Ninetales for ages, and living in an area that has a rather hot summer climate, I think it could be interesting to see if Ninetales would be found in heated areas, or if she (a likely assumption since 75% of all Ninetales are female) would be found in shaded grasslands instead.

There are plenty more that I could add to this list, however, fans of the series are likely to have their own list of which Pokémon they would most like to see in Pokémon Go, and I simply wished to bring certain interesting ideas to your attention. Perhaps Nintendo has already thought of these and may have them programmed in already though there is currently no information on how many Pokémon will be a part of the game at launch, or how extensive the variety will be.