Do you hear that? That’s the sound of a thousand wallets crying in relief.

Online retail giant Amazon is officially offering a 20% off discount on video game pre-orders, available exclusively to Prime members.  It covers all pre-orders, so that means ones that’ll be made in the future and ones that have already been placed. So if you’ve already paid the full price for a pre-order on a game before the deal was implemented, worry not! The discount will still be reflected in your order details within 5 business days, according to Amazon.

Customers using Prime on a free trial are also able to get their hands on the bargain, so this is your chance if you want to do a little smart splurging on games. And for the curious, other benefits of getting a $99 Prime membership include free two-day/same-day shipping, unlimited movie/tv/music streaming and membership sharing.

And while it won’t affect sale prices, the deal will be able to coincide with some of the other Prime benefits, such as free release-day delivery and pre-order price guarantee. Do take note that only games sold by Amazon are eligible!

The deal extends to newly-launched games, with Amazon giving Prime members a two-week window from the launch date to use the deal.

That makes this an excellent bargain for cautious players who are more inclined to hold back and wait for reviews before spending their hard-earned cash on a shiny new video game. They don’t come cheap, after all. Additionally, customers won’t see the difference until they checkout, which is only then will the 20% discount be applied.

There are a few snags to the deal though- for one, the discount will only cover physical copies of games, meaning digital versions like redeem codes are out. They don’t cover console bundles either. On the other hand, though, they do work for special and limited editions, which isn’t a bad deal at all given how higher up on the price spectrum those tend to be.

What we can gather from this is that this deal is a mixed bag. Console players will most likely be the ones benefiting most from this new offer; PC gamers, on the other hand, might find this so-and-so, as redeem codes and digital versions bought off sites like Steam,, and Origin are much more prevalent than buying physical copies these days.

For all the particulars on Amazon’s 20% off pre-orders deal, you can check out their FAQ.

Happy Bargain Hunting!