Some say that there is beauty in death, but no one else exercises that kind of ideology meticulously other than Jhin, The Virtuoso. The newest champion in a seemingly never-ending roster in League of Legends, Jhin is somewhat unique in a sense that his concept portraits someone so sinister that even under a smiling mask, one can feel absolute terror. Both his lore and playstyle contribute to this fine and divine mix that would definitely captivate those who are a sucker for art…and curtain calls.

As Jhin, you take the role as a marksman. You tend to stay behind the front line as you take down enemies from afar. Speaking of which, Jhin’s forte is literally killing FROM afar. Armed with a kit that specializes in sniping down enemies like it was duck hunting season, he leaves a spectacular and explosive blossom; kill, after kill.


But what makes him unique compared to Runeterra’s titanic pantheon of champions? I’m glad you asked. Let’s start with his passive and the name of his gun: Whisper. Besides having to reload every 4 shots, Jhin’s passive prohibits him from gaining attack speed but instead gets compensated with increased attack damage when grabbing attack speed and critical chance items. His fourth shot is a guaranteed critical hit and gives him a small boost of movement speed for a few seconds, but the critical damage is reduced by 25%. A meticulous start for a meticulous champion.

Jhin, The Virtuoso’s first ability: Dancing Grenade, bounces up to four targets. Each subsequent bounce increases the damage depending on the number of targets killed within the bounce.

His second ability: Deadly Flourish is one of his trademark abilities. It contains 2 parts, active and passive effects. In a ridiculously long range, Jhin is able to snipe enemies from afar with tons of damage. The passive effect is that when Jhin or any of his team mates attack a champion, that champion is marked and using Deadly Flourish will root them for a few seconds (teamwork! Yaay!).

Captive Audience, his third ability, enables Jhin to throw down traps (Drake style) that reveals and slows down anyone who steps on it. After a few seconds, the trap explodes, dealing an astounding amount of damage while leaving a graceful and flowery impression.


Before you rage slam down your keyboard following a Jhin death, enjoy the beautiful animation. You won’t regret it.

A good performance deserves a glorious end and that’s exactly what his ultimate ability: Curtain Call, presents. Jhin sets his magical arm cannon for a gratifying crescendo of 4 shots. This ability is so long-ranged that the screen actually zooms out for you to get the standard view of it. Oh, the fourth shot is guaranteed to critically hit. He will make you beautiful. He will make you perfect.

Jhin, The Virtuoso is a complex champion that requires the right amount of mechanical skill to play. With enough practice, you can unlock his full potential and devastate the Fields of Justice while enjoying his sadistic pleasure in the beauty of death. He’s a brutal, artistic and strangely fun to play champion Riot Games definitely got it rolling on this one.

Jhin, The Virtuoso is available for all servers around the world. You can purchase him at the in the store for 7,800 Influence Points (IP) or 975 Riot Points (RP) 

What do you guys think about this menacing and artistic psychopath? Let us know in the comments!