Bosses come in all shapes and sizes and the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Seriously, most of them are uber hard to put down. IGCritic proudly presents 8 Giant Bosses that would even make Jack the Giant killer quake in his boots.

Metal Gear Revengeance – Metal Gear Excelsus

When it comes to heavy artillary , there’s no bigger fright than facing off against a metal gear. Any Metal Gear is a threat to national security and indeed any world superpower. Metal Gear, for those not in the know, is a huge mobile battle tank with nuclear capabilities. Metal Gear Excelsus is one of the latest in a long line of destructive ingenuity. Equipped with two giant retractable blade arms, 2 plasma cannons and ludicrous amount of missiles in its arsenal, it scuttles about on 8 legs like a mecha robo crab. Each leg is outfitted with heavy duty clamps intended for climbing and traversing any rough terrain. 

It holds a number of mini automated tanks in its hold to be jettisoned onto the field at a moments notice. This model isn’t a nuclear launcher in of itself, but it can be modified to be so if need be. When it’s active and being manually controlled, there’s no easy way to get to the cockpit to shut it down. Your only chance is to slowly batter down the exterior, one hefty sword swing at a time. Praise science for Raiden’s high frequency blade. If you can avoid damage yourself you may be able to knock out a leg or two and turn it’s own weapons against it. A nuclear mecha robo crab. Now I have seen everything.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed II – The Gorog

From one side of the galaxy to the other there is a huge cornucopia of alien creatures to amaze, and more importantly, to avoid. On your quest to discover who you are and who you want to be, its a challenge not to be swallowed by the dark side. On a mission to rescue general Kota, Starkiller comes face to face with the gargantuan Gorog. In terms of keeping your own rage in check, this beasty certainly tests your resolve. The only thing bigger than the Gorog itself, is his health bar. The bigger they are, the harder they are to kill and it’s not as simple as hacking away at him with a lightsaber. It will take a bit more than force lightning to shock this thing into submission. Even stabbing your lightsaber into its cranium does nothing more than make him madder. 

The Gorog has been tortured and trained to fight to the death in an all out battle arena for the entertainment of the galaxy. In short, the Gorog is not a happy puppy. With his or her, we didn’t ask, bulging arms it can swat you like a bug and sweep aside any competition. At first the best you can do is restrain it by force tasering the electro manacles, but its only a temporary measure. The battle progresses up the tower of the floating sky arena. Once you and the gorog have decimated all there is to decimate, it results in everything plunging in a free fall with you in a face off all the way down to the planet surface. A whole city in the sky and not one parachute.

Shadow of the Colossus – Hydrus

Every boss in this game is colossal. The only thing bigger is the sense of loneliness. No minions, no hordes of pions to cut through. It’s just you, the boss and occasionally your horse. It isn t just the boss itself but the environment that makes this so daunting. The depth of the lake is fathomless, giving this colossus a potentially unlimited area with which to manoeuvre. Playing through this battle had me literally holding my breath as you crawled along its body while it rushed through the murky waters. The scariest part, to attract it’s attention you first have to wade out to the center of the lake and thrash around like bait, enticing the beast to the surface to take a bite out of you. Even if you don’t have an innate phobia of giant sea creatures, this alone is horrifying. 

Be sure to beef up your stamina with lizard tails beforehand as swimming and clinging to your target colossi will drain you. The weak spots are well protected and it is slow going to get to them. Get too close to its spines when it submerges and you’ll be raked with electricity. If this happens you’ll have to grab the tail all over again and slowly crawl your way up to it’s head for the killing blow. When you do finally take it down, you may only have a few seconds to revel in your success before you’re infested with the shadow tendrils, yet nothing beats that finality of satisfation.

Devil May Cry 2 – Argosax the Chaos

Demons come in many forms. As a rule, the bigger they are, the more health bars and transformations they have. When it comes to giant bosses in the Devil May Cry series, there’s a lot to chose from and we’ve gone for Argosax the Chaos from Devil May Cry 2. In an attempt to fuse himself with Argosax the chaos and gain immortality, corporate leader Arius gathered the 4 arcana and performed the ritual that would open the gateway that would summon him to our world. Though Dante arrived in time to prevent the union, the only way he could hope to prevent Argosax’s arrival was to leap headfirst into the portal and face him head on. The thing to remember about Argosax is that he isn’t just one giant demon, he’s the amalgamation of a dozen giant demons. 

His physiology takes on the combined form of all the demon bosses from Devil May Cry 1 and 2 to form an ultra demon mega beast. The idea of all these demons going all Power Ranger Megazord sounds cool,  but they just look like a big gooey flesh mess. All these conjoined mangled manifestations are So big, you need to run around it and defeat the respective monsters either one at a time, or continuously strafe and whittle down its health while dodging  never ending blasts of air, fire and red lightning. Their size is your advantage as they can’t all face and attack you at once. Despite all the body bits they have, there isn’t a leg between them, making Agosax immobile. Keep blasting away with the rocket launcher, dodge, and he shouldn’t give you too much trouble.

Zombies Ate my Neighbours – Titanic Toddler

Its the end of the world, where every horror film baddie has become real, with a serious intent on doing what they do best, scaring people and killing them. The only hope for humanity: two teenagers with water pistols. Zeke and Julie. The first few levels are not simple by any measure, and things get more intense very quickly. It’s an adrenaline rush for any individual or couch co-op team, constantly battling and racing to rescue the public too daft to do anything other than stand there. Save your neighbours, stockpile items and enjoy testing suspicious mystery potions. The apocalypse is all fun and games, where zombies disintegrate with a quick shot of holy water. And then there’s level 8: Titanic Toddler. 

The music is deep and momentous, and so slightly childish, its bone chilling. In stead of zombie hordes or swing happy lumberjacks, there is a singular, giant, rampaging, diaper wearing, milk chucking, people stomping baby in the middle of a tantrum. Truly the stuff of nightmares. It is possible to take this toddler down but it will likely drain all the resources you have painstakingly gathered over the past few levels and waste valuable minutes of game time. Honestly you are better off saving what survivors you can and getting the fudge out. If thats the baby, I’d hate to meet the mother.

Final Fantasy XV – Adamantoise

Turns out that whenever you create a list of giants, you are bound to have a final fantasy entry somewhere down the line. It’s kind of an unwritten universal law. There are many honourable mentions of giants in the FF series. Emerald from 7, Ozma from 9, the underwater snake thing from X. Even after spotting it on the horizon, it will take some before before you even reach striking distance. You can’t just choose to face this beast, you must build up to it by increasing your standing through other hunts and complete the main storyline. You have to earn the right. That mountain of a shell isn’t just for appearances, as it’s defence is phenomenal. This bad beasty has an hp of 5,264,400! and it will take all your cunning and skill boosts to bring it down. With the stats boosts that Ignis’s food gives you, we’ve never appreciated a good meal more. 

If you rush in without a plan, believe me, you will be there hacking away for hours. It isn’t necessarily a dangerous giant, as the damage it deals isn’t comparatively heavy, yet If you stay too close for too long, he’ll swat you away with a mad spin attack that will knock you away, and we mean far away. So far, your hunt will end and it will restart the battle from the beginning with a full health bar. Even with some summons handy it will take some time to knock the Adamantoise down to size. With some good strategising, you’ll be eating tortoise soup before you know it. Remember, Preparation, preparation, preparation.

Resident Evil Biohazard – Jack Baker

Jack Baker is the head of the Baker household in this chilling sickening scenario, Your first bout of fisticuffs with Jack Baker in the garage, is enough to make you realise that he insane, psychotic and nearly indestructible. His high durability, his resistance to pain, and even death, is enough to make any player hope never to have a second encounter. But like every bad penny, he keeps turning up. Pray you don’t run out of bullets. He takes his role as head of the family very seriously, and when the Bakers intend on embracing you as one of their own, welcoming you into the bosom of their home, he invites you with a full hands on approach. I can’t help but get the impression that he doesn’t quite like you. 

He is relentless even when he is human sized. He’ll keep coming again and again and again. I wonder if the song “i get knocked down” was written just for him. When he eventually mutates into a giant glob of gooey limbs, he becomes an even bigger glutton for punishment. The more he gets battered, the further and more more monstrous his mutations until he comes hunting you down in his biggest form yet. He’s grown a few extra limbs, and eyes, and ugly. He fills the whole shack and without a lot of leg room, it’s only a matter of time before he overpowers you. The only way to defeat him for good, is to inject with the very rare and precious cure for the virus that sustains his existence.

God of War III Chronos

Kratos has rage. a lot of rage. he is rage personified. I guess the God of Peace wouldn’t sell as many games. Mythical creatures aren’t exactly in short supply in Ancient Greece, and since they all serve the gods will in the attempted Kratos take down and ripping him to shreds, no gamer should feel guilty in enjoying the never ending massacres that make God of War what it is. There are many colossal beasts that attempt to hinder your revenge. The Hydra, the Kraken, this bodily building. Yet the biggest obstacle in your path has to be your grandfather, Cronos, the Titan of Time. Tricked into venturing into the wastes of Tartarus, you walk blindly into his lair and with his ambush, it seems he has the upper hand, so to speak. The fight itself takes place up and down his ginornous frame. Hordes of skeletal demons spawn from the sores in his skin. If being skewered, crushed or repulsed doesn’t kill you, his breath just might. 

Generations of crawling around the desert lugging around pandoras temple has not been kind to his complexion, but that just makes him easier to climb. Grandpa is not happy and for good reason. He still carries Pandora’s Temple from the first game on his back, has been hated and mistreated by his son for untold eons and know he gets battered by his own grandson. As if he hadn’t been humiliated enough. It’s a family history wit a lot of bad vibes. They should put their differences aside and consider how much they have in common. They both hate Zues and they both wear chains. Well my hopes for a warm reunion weren’t that high anyway.

Those were our Top Giant Bosses in Video Games and we want to know, which boss for you is the biggest bad? Which Titanic terrors got you good? Let us know your gaming experiences with giants in the comments section on YouTube. If you enjoyed this video please remember to give a like, share this article on social media and subscribe to keep up to date with the latest in video game culture here on IGCritic.

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