Have you ever played a video game, serious in tone, heavy with emotional subtext and then watched a stupidly funny parody of it. We have. We love parodies and have gathered here a few of our favourites. IGCritic presents our Top 7 Video game parodies.

Machinimabridged FF7 by teamfourstar

The Awesomeness that is Final Fantasy 7, still lives in the hearts of many a gamer. With a full revamp refurb reboot on the way, that’ hype is only gonna increase. Until Square Enix finally delivers on “the Promise”, this satirical series more than makes up for the epic wait. Teamfourstar have revived FF7 in all it’s retrospective glory. Except for a few animated  sections, all the footage is ripped from the game itself and is very cleverly dubbed. The Avalanche team has been imbued with voices by a fun team of people providing ample personality, infusing the series with wit and humour. 

The creators behind this parody aren’t afraid to call attention to the plot tropes that we were just too overwhelmed to question during our initial experience in Midgar and beyond. This series provides a nice break away from the serious tone and heavy emotional nature that unfolds in the game itself. With two seasons under their belt, the anticipation for the next season is bigger than a buster sword.

Pokemon Rusty by Dorkly

When you play Pokemon it never occurs to you to question why a 10 yr old child is allowed off on their own to collect monsters. This series plays on that and more. Rusty dreams of being a master trainer, the best there ever was, though his training methods are a little unorthadox. And his lack of understanding of even the most basic of pokemon logic is cringy. His journey begins badly enough and as he continues it only gets worse. He just can’t help getting into and most times causing trouble, ignoring the advice of his elders and disregarding all notions of common sense. 

Though keen to learn all he can about the wonders of pokemon, in the end he always convinces himself he knows best. During his travels he meets gym leaders, bug catchers, parents (yes he actually has two) and even team rocket. Through a combination of determination and naivety, nothing can slow Rusty down, calling into question all the inadequacies of Pokemon battle that no one ever thought to question.

Super Smash Wars by James Farr

Nintendo colourful characters have always been easy marks for comedy. Combine that with Star Wars and you get so much more. A fast paced, high action, adrenaline fueled extravaganza of amazing animation. Various nintendo franchises have been gathered together to take on the roles of our fave star warsian characters. The nostalgia is reinforced with traditional gaming sound effects and music themes, portraying one of the most influential trilogies in film history in a whole new light. 

Luke is now Link Skywalker, Donkey Kong takes over Chewbacka, and Yoda is enacted by Pikachu, with Mario and Peach playing Solo and Leia of course. The team is tasked with bringing down the evil might of Ganondarth and they use every game trick and force power they can muster. There are many references to all things Nintendo; Pipes and princesses, droids and druids, swords and spaceships. It’s a positive geekfest amalgamation of what makes games great.

Senile Scribbles Skyrim by seanzoz/foolhardy origionals

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is well known for being stern and challenging, with harsh conflict and specific limitations. Whereas Bethesda take pride in delivering a real and authentic experience to this mythical land of magical vikings, dragons and civil war, seanzoz goes a step further and brings all the unusual physics of Tamriel to the limelight. The world of Skyrim can be cold, dark and rough around the edges. If ever comedy was needed anywhere, it’s in Skyrim. 

This comedy series calls on all of the ancient lore and mythology and twists it into a multitude of humorous sketches. The loading screens are just too much, delivering advise and comedy quips with equal aplomb. If there’s a lesson to be learned, its don’t mess with the dragon born and that every NPC is just crying to be messed with, successfully Shining a light on all the evil acts that nobody admits to doing in the game. Smooth animation.

Smosh Games Honest Trailers

Before a game comes out, there is the video game trailer. After a video game comes out, there is the Honest Game Trailer. One of YouTube Channels Smosh Games most popular segments are their Honest Trailers, featuring Jon Bailey, the Epic Voice Guy. Normally, a trailer is a form of publicity that reveals a movie, game or product at it’s best, highlighting all the desirable aspects at a respectable standard. 

The Honest Trailers provide the real lowdown on the story and expands on the nitty gritty with comparisons, contradictions and renaming of characters.  Leave a comment on an Honest Trailer and you may be lucky enough to hear Jon Bailey read it out at the end of another video.

CK Productions

Different games have different rules that govern their respective worlds and these guys explore what it would be like to live by that logic. Have you ever noticed how video games mimic the real world. Well, these guys mimic video games in the real world. They seriously get deep into all the different characters

It takes a real man to be cute and these guys goes the whole nine yards, especially when Joe Claffey plays Link. For their mediums they use some of gamings most popular franchises, Mario, Harry Potter and Breath of the Wild.  Throw in some special effects and you have a fun light hearted experience thats fun to watch with the whole family, or just your gaming buddies that appreciate a good laugh.

Sonic for Hire by Machinima

Sonic the Hedgehog is an icon. A legend and one of the most recognisable figures in gaming.
But what if that was all behind him? What if after the first trilogy of games, it all went down hill? What would he do? What everyone else does, go from temp job to temp job until he finds something that fits. If there was one thing more challenging than finding the chaos emeralds, it’s finding a good job.


Having rested on his laurels for so long, he isn’t quite the hero we all remember. He certainly isn’t careful about how he talks and treats people. The infamous blue blur has gone from hero to zero and as long as he gets paid, he no longer cares who gets hurt in the process, because more often than not, it’s usually him. With only tails and a few other randoms to stand by him, he’s ready for a few mis-adventures.

Those were some of our favourite video game parodies. We have added links to their channels in the description below so feel free to check out them out. If you can suggest any others then we want to hear from you in the description below. If you enjoyed this page then please give us a like on YouTube, share this with your friends on social media and subscribe to stay up to date with our latest videos on IGCritic. 


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