New Year has come and gone and suddenly we find ourselves off to a chilly start in 2016. While the future is promising with lots of new and exciting video game titles coming out in 2016 (The Last Guardian, and Mass Effect Andromeda, and Uncharted 4, oh my!) we think it’s worthwhile to look back at the best games that we played in 2015. Here are 7 games you should have played in 2015, but if you haven’t, well it’s never really too late any of these amazing 2015 games!

  1. Undertale

In this cute pseudo-retro tale, you take the role of a child who falls down a hole and finds themselves in an underground realm infested with monsters. Undertale puts a lot of emphasis on choice and morality: as per usual video-game standards, you can kill the monsters you encounter for goodies like EXP and gold, or you can decide to go on a murder-free pacifist run by talking to them. With an unforgettable cast of characters, a lovely game soundtrack and unique game-play mechanics, Undertale is definitely an experience you shouldn’t miss out on. Besides, where else can you date a skeleton?

  1. Star Wars: Battlefront

Immerse yourself in the Star Wars world by taking on the role of a member of either the Imperials or the Rebels in this competitive multiplayer shooter, with each Star Wars: Battlefront match pitting up to 40 players against one another. Hunt down opponents in some of the most iconic locales from the memorable film series, from the chilly plains of Hoth to the vibrant forest moon of Endor. Choose from a wide range of Battlefront multiplayer battle options and duke it out with other fans in what is essentially the most visually impressive and most immersive Star Wars game to date.

  1. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

In Hideo Kojima’s last game with Konami before he made the (wise) move to Sony, you follow Venom Snake (perhaps more popularly known as Big Boss among a plethora of aliases, and voiced by Keifer Sutherland) as he journeys into Afghanistan in the midst of the Soviet war, bent on revenge. This stealth-action venture packs plenty of content, giving you the freedom to do whatever you like with very little hand-holding, all possible in a sprawling open-world setting.  Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain is a true masterpiece and considered by many as one of the best titles in the series and one of, if not the best video games of 2015.

  1. Fallout 4

In the newest entry in the Fallout series, you take the role of a parent searching for their child in the nuclear wasteland. Along the way, you have to learn to survive the many dangers the post-apocalypse pose. With nuanced plotlines, an array of colorful characters and great customization capabilities, it’s easy to say that Fallout 4 is an engaging experience and a more than worthy addition to the Fallout series. Nothing is more satisfying than discovering a new location, or shooting off a pesky raider’s head in V.A.T.’S. I mean, if a guy sued Bethesda because they “made Fallout 4 too addictive” to the point where he got fired and lost his wife, then it’s bound to at least be good, no?

  1. Dropsy

Yes, Dropsy the clown looks creepy, and that trailer does kind of feel like it has some pretty dark undertones (A fatal circus tent fire that killed the protagonist’s mother, with said protagonist being alienated by the entire town afterwards? Yeah, it’s dark.) but give Dropsy a chance! It’s sunshiney warm, it packs a ton of heart and Dropsy himself is easily one of the most memorable characters I’ve come across in gaming. There are no battles here- just lots of love to give, and give you will with Dropsy’s unique objectives and ever-present “hug” button. Everyone needs a moist clown hug!

  1. Rocket League

It’s soccer, but with cars. Rocket-powered cars. Stay with me here- don’t let the simple (albeit screwball) concept fool you. Rocket League is insanely fun. This fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping title pits two teams of players against each other to play…well, a game of football with rocket-powered cars. It really is more exciting than it might come off as, and the fact that it’s easy to learn but hard to master makes it both accessible to newer players and addictive to just about anyone. A treat for people who love sports games and multiplayer games!

  1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 is a huge game. Huuuge. It’s generous in its scale, something you will feel as soon as you get to travelling, after which you will spend hours upon hours exploring gorgeous landscapes and discovering tons of hidden content. The Witcher 3 might have the best game graphics of 2015 and you never really run out of things to do in this conclusion to gruff protagonist Geralt’s saga. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt itself is a beautiful package, with compelling, mature storytelling and enjoyable combat mechanics juxtaposed against a colossal open-world setting. Believe the hype.