Sparking the inner creativity has always been Minecraft’s best feature since its launch in 2011 and after years of continuous success, players have taken it to the next level. Aside from its build-your-own-world theme, what makes Minecraft really good is that it allows players to apply mods. There are thousands and thousands of Minecraft mods for the computer but there are some that really kick it up a notch. Here are 7 of the best Minecraft mods you just need to try out!

1. Super Heroes Unlimited

Number 1 best Minecraft mods - Superheroes Unlimited

Ever remember a time where you ran and hid defenseless against the mobs in Minecraft? How about when a creeper blew in front of your face or an Enderman teleported towards you? Fret no more because Tihyo has created the Super Heroes Unlimited Mod that will turn you into a superhero! Inside this mod are several superhero suits that not only makes you look good but give you super powers as well! What makes this one of the best Minecraft mods is that each suit has unique abilities depending on which superhero suit you’d equip.

2. ThaumCraft

Thaumcraft Minecraft mod for the computer

Being a magician isn’t an easy job but it’s definitely a whole lot fun. With Azanor’s ThaumCraft Mod you can become a practitioner of thaumaturgy to draw magic from objects and recreate them into other things. Craft your wand to begin your magical journey in creating objects such as altars and golems, and cast awesome spells!

3. ComputerCraft

Free mod pack for Minecraft - Computercraft

Ever imagined being able to play a computer inside a computer? Dan200’s ComputerCraft mod is here to make that possible. Considered to be one of the best mods in Minecraft, ComputerCraft enables players to create computers and turtles that can write programs. In addition to program creation, these computers have a wide range of other functions such as playing games and organizing data. You’d be able to play a game within a game. Gameception!

4. Doggy Talents

Doggy Talents Minecraft mod

Dog lovers can now rejoice as we’ve found the best mod just for you. Originally created by RaustBlackDragon is the Doggy Talents mod which enables you to play tricks with the wolves and dogs of Minecraft. The Doggy Talents mod allows you to teach and train your dogs tricks such as tracking creeps, healing, and inflict poison on foes. Although created by RaustBlackDragon, Doggy Talents has continuously been updated by ProPercivalalb.

5. Lycanite’s Mob

Lycanite Mobs Minecraft mod

Created by Lycanite, the Lycanite’s Mob mod adds in over 70 uniquely designed mobs all over the world of Minecraft. These mobs are assigned in different areas and terrains and will spawn in those respected places. The Lycanite mobs come in different types of which a few of these creatures are arctic, freshwater, swamp, inferno, shadow and demons that can found within the Nether.

6. BuildCraft

Buildcraft mod

When you’re placed in a world that could test the limits of your creativity and ability to build them, sometimes you reach the point where things can’t go any further. That’s why SpaceToad created the BuildCraft mod to give you the ability to build more advanced structures and objects. You’d be able to build robots, modern day buildings and much more.

7. Rival Rebels

Minecraft Rival Rebels

A fan of fierce battles? Here’s a Minecraft mod built for you! Made by Rodolphito is a mod that adds in dangerous and powerful weapons to your Minecraft experience. Fight your PVP battles with awesome crowbars, flamethrowers, nuclear bombs, and cannons with the Rival Rebels mod.

Which mods do you use that you would recommend as the best Minecraft mods to your fellow players?