1. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

If you’ve ever wanted to try out those scenes in action movies where the expert helps the hero defuse a bomb under a time limit, then this is the PC co-op game to try out. In this bomb defusing simulator, 2 players must work together to make sure a ticking time-bomb doesn’t go off. One player is isolated in the room with the bomb, while the other only has a manual to refer to in instructing the other. It’s high-paced, high-pressure fun. Shouting is most certainly guaranteed in this thrilling video game.

  1. Don’t Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together plunges you into a nightmarish-with-a-tinge-of-whimsy world Tim Burton would be proud of. This co-op game tests the compatibility of players by making them share resources in a world where there isn’t very much of it- the appointing of and keeping to roles is vital to staying alive and well, not starving. The randomly-generated levels keeps the replay value of this game high, and the risk of permadeath will push players to work together.  Don’t Starve Together is available for download on the PC .

  1. Left4Dead 2

Valve released this neat zombie shooter all the way back in 2009 and it’s still being played actively seven years later. In Left4Dead2, you get to pick one survivor out of four and work together with the rest of the team to get through a world crawling with the undead. The dialogue is clever with plenty of fun quips from characters, and the game-play mechanics are generally simple but tons of fun. And this is only counting the vanilla version- the modding community is vast and dedicated, making this game an experience you can keep coming back to (if you play this co-op game on the PC, that is.)

  1. Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

Star Trek players rejoice! If you’ve ever wanted to put yourself in the shoes of Captain Kirk or anyone else on the bridge (pick a role from engineer, comms, weapons master, helmsman or science officer, all with unique interfaces), then this game is an essential. While sessions can take some time to organize and get going (you can’t play this game alone because it’s a LAN only co-op game), it is great fun. Starfleet uniforms not included. The server can have up to 8 ships, where each ship has 6 roles to fill.  Each ship will require a minimum of 2 players.

  1. Portal 2

In Valve’s smash hit Portal 2, 2 players (taking on the roles of goofball robot extraordinaire’s  Atlas and P-Body) will need some pretty high-level teamwork and logic to get through a lot of the puzzles in the game, but the pay-off once you get to the end of each level is always highly satisfying. On top of that, there’s a lot of user-generated content available on the Steam Workshop, so there’s always new content to try out with this multiplayer co-op game!

  1. Borderlands 2

Grab a buddy or three and take a trip into the world of Borderlands, guns-a-blazing. Pick a class out of four (Assassin, Siren, Gunzerker and Commando), pick up your weapons and go on crazy quests to take on Handsome Jack himself. There is a huge diversity that serves to promote solid cooperation, in terms of playstyle (each character has unique skill trees that you can tweak to suit your style), enemies, and of course, loot. Loooot everywhere. But not enough of it that you and your friend won’t need to fight for first pickings, but that’s part of the fun in this amazing co-op game.  Borderlands in one of our favoriete and quite possibly one of the best co-op games out there.

  1. Spelunky

Mossmouth’s Spelunky is tricky to the point of frustration. Foam-mouthed, teeth-grinding, delicious frustration. But damn if you don’t want to get through it all. This claustrophobic 2D roguelike platformer has you and up to three other players exploring randomly generated worlds and enemies. It relies heavily on skill, and the more players present in the co-op game, the more chaotic things get. And they get hilariously chaotic pretty fast. Pick this game up if you’re the masochistic type, or if you want to ruin a few good friendships.