While the very first Titanfall 2 teaser trailer didn’t yield much information, it was an exciting taster of some Titanfall 2 features to come. Video game sequels are generally rather solid, and from Modern Warfare 2 to Uncharted 2, they build upon the best points of their predecessors to craft a game that’s a step up in every way.

All being well, Titanfall 2 will follow this well-worn path to success. The original wasn’t without its detractors, but developer Respawn has an opportunity to silence the haters and deliver a killer experience in one fell swoop.

So, since I’m sure they’re reading this now, I speak directly to you, the dev team. Here’s what the 5 Titanfall 2 features we’d like to see in order to make Titanfall 2 that glorious sequel we’re all hoping it will be.

  1. A bigger, more diverse, more interesting world

Diverse Open World

Titanfall’s problems began with its world-building, and it was an issue that ran deep. Titanfall’s main character – you, the player-controlled soldier – could most aptly be described as ‘Generic Military Thug #48,’ and as a result, the story and world suffered.

The universe in which Titanfall was set seemed like just another futuristic military shooter, akin to Destiny, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and even Halo. Hopefully, developer Respawn takes the time to construct a more unique environment and aesthetic, and that extends to the weapons and titans, too. Let’s see some splashes of colour and some weaponry that doesn’t feel like a reskinned version of current-day rifles.

An increased focus on the Titanfall wildlife wouldn’t go amiss, either. The original Titanfall featured a number of interesting-looking alien creatures that did absolutely nothing. As a result, players were left feeling as though they’d missed some sort of trick – why would Respawn go through all that trouble to design a beast, only for it to have no effect on the overall experience?

The lush jungles and odd creatures glimpsed in the Titanfall 2 teaser trailer are a good start, and we can only hope Respawn delivers on this promise.

  1. Let us repair our titans!

Titanfall 2 broken titan

In the original Titanfall, it was far too easy to lose that mech you had spent a lot of time trying to acquire in the first place. An option to repair your titan on the spot would be a great idea, and would make a game called Titanfall, you know, revolve more around titans. As it currently stands, the original inadvertently places too much of an emphasis on generic shooting and gunfights.

  1. A much larger scale

Titanfall battle arena

The first Titanfall was disappointingly small in scope. For a game that touted massive mechs, world-crushing robots and a scale to rival even the most epic of sci-fi fantasy worlds. It felt rather narrow, and the deathmatch arenas felt like exactly that; arenas.

The player count was capped at 12 too, a mere fraction of the bodies that are allowed in other games. Perhaps this is down to Titanfall being released not too long after the Xbox One launched; the developer was still getting used to brand new hardware, and they needed limits somewhere, right? However, now that we’re a good two and a half years into this current generation of consoles, and Respawn has built all the assets, textures and mechanics they need, there’s no excuse to not see this player count get lifted.

  1. More customization, more weapons, more titans

Titanfall 2 customization

More options is never a bad thing. Unless you’re planning your funeral. In the gaming world, choice means that a game opens itself up to a more diverse range of players and playstyles, and this is something Titanfall 2 desperately needs.

In the original, there wasn’t much you could do with your Titans or your characters themselves. Though, to Respawn’s credit, they did release a DLC pack for the game that came with emblems and additional voice packs.

It was a case of too little too late, however, and the damage was already done. From the start, Titanfall 2 needs to offer unbridled customization to truly make each deathmatch feel fresh. Let us change our titan’s paint job, alter our weapon skins, pick a taunt, or even switch titan classes. Hell, that’s a great idea! What about a medic titan, dressed from head to toe in a white frilly doctor’s outfit? Too far? Okay.

On another note, while the guns in Titanfall were rather nifty, it’s a shame that there were only about five of them. Perhaps giving people a chance to further diversify their loadout would’ve kept player counts high for more than a week after launch. Burn.

  1. A fully-fledged single-player campaign

Titanfall 2 campaign

Look, it’s not too much to ask. Just design a couple of levels, think of a MacGuffin (preferably a chemical agent or explosive of some kind), hire some voice actors to shout ‘cover me,’ ‘on your six’ and ‘titan incoming,’ and you’re all set. It practically writes itself! Jokes aside, it would genuinely be nice to see a fully-featured single-player campaign in Titanfall 2.

The teaser trailer certainly makes the game look more thoughtful, rather than just filling it with explosions and bullets. There are swords now! Most of the success stories in this new era of shooter games feature modes for the multiplayer fan and the singleton, and this is undoubtedly the best way to try and please everyone. The lack of a proper campaign was one of the biggest criticisms of Titanfall, and it’s a sure bet that Respawn will rectify this for the sequel.

And that just about does it! Are there any Titanfall 2 features we missed that you’d like to see? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned to IGCritic for news on Titanfall 2 and other games!