Just like in the real world, you should never judge a book by its cover nor a video game character by their appearance. First impressions can often be deceiving and here we present 5 characters in Video Games who aren’t quite who they first appear to be.


FABLE: Jack of Blades

In the Fabled history of Albion you’d be hard pressed to find a soul who hasn’t heard about the greatest of Heroes, “Jack of Blades.” Though little is known of the actual man, his visage and reputation are mythic. He is the hero other heroes aspire to. A living legend, the indisputable master of Strength, Skill and Will. In his red hood and cloak, clawed gauntlets and mysterious mask he is the coolest thing to hit Albion since chain lightning. Dark, shifty, badass, he’s practically the Batman of Albion.

He shows interest in our Heros’ promise and expresses a wish to see us reunited with our long lost mother. Turns out it’s all a ruse, his true intentions fouler than the breath of a Balverine. The decimation of your home village, the disappearance of your family, the death of your father, all part of Jacks’ plan to find your family and use your blood to uncover and empower the sword of aeons  and take over the world. Everything about him is a lie, even his body. His mask is a vessel for his dark soul, possessing whoever wears it, carrying his foul purpose down through the ages.


When a group of renegade special agents seize control of shadow moses island, which happens to be a secret government nuclear weapons disposal facility, things look pretty bleak. Luckily Solid Snake is still alive to be forced out of retirement and save the day. There is a team of specialists on codec call waiting to lend their expertise. Experts on Gene Therapy, Communications, Enemy intelligence, even Master Miller, a specialist in traversing the alaskan environment. He is also instrumental in revealing the existence of a spy in the team and places suspicion on Naomi.

Turns out that the man wearing glasses and a ponytail was Solids evil twin, the nefarious Liquid Snake, wearing glasses and a ponytail. Miller was murdered in his own home three days beforehand and has been impersonated by Liquid ever since. However the sleuths among players may have noticed that if you try and call Miller during the battle with the helicopter piloted by Liquid, you get an informative amount of static.

DmC: Vergil

In the modern world demons no longer need to force humanity into subjugation. In the guise of propaganda and commercialism, the forces of evil had no problem repressing mankind into docile consumers. But there is a man. A man who said no, this is not right, it’s time to take my world back, enough is enough. That man… is not Dante. Dante was just a reckless, albeit dangerous, layabout until Vergil brought him into the fold. Vergil is intelligent, athletic, powerful, calm under pressure, has a very sweet jacket and a magic samurai sword.

With Two super powered demon slashers working side by side it’s a true bromance to be proud of. Vergil is responsible for assembling the order, an organisation keen on the downfall of Demon King Mundus and the reclamation of that vital yet ever elusive concept: freedom. Vergil leads the rebels against demonic oppression, adverse to demons treating humans like cattle to facilitate their own rule. Turns out Vergil was only taking out the competition so that the he himself could treat humans like cattle to facilitate his own rule.

KINGDOM HEARTS SERIES: Ansem/Xemnas/Xehanort

The true evil mastermind behind the events of Kingdom Hearts was for a long time shrouded in mystery, clouded in a conundrum and hidden under a mountain of heartless. At first it appeared Maleficent was the big bad, but she was just being used by Heartless Ansem, who possessed Riku, who ended up destroying Nobody Xemnas with Sora. Ansem and Xemnas are part of Xehanort, who was a scientist, but not really.

He was impersonating the real Ansem to subvert a team of other scientists to create more heartless and Nobodies to create a new Kingdom Hearts because in his past he lost his memory and took possession of Terra, a hero who harboured darkness in his heart. There is also a young Xehanort from earlier in the timeline and Xigbar himself is half Xehanort. The true intention and history of Xehanort/Ansem/Xemnas has yet to be completely revealed. With Kingdom Hearts 3 still to be released who knows what twists continue to lurk in the backstory of one of the most conniving villains to ever to grace a game with a predatorial smirk.


Occupying this unquestionably shady film noir cityscape is Dawn, an acrobat with the skill to turn shadow, and Didi, a young girl who needs to learn to stay put and pay attention. She’s also the only one who can see you. As Dawn, you are Didis’ best, and only friend, and protector whilst the other characters are merely shadows of the past and subsequently Didi’s dysfunctional family. Her Mother Kat is a night club lounge singer, while her Father Johnny is a deadbeat down on his luck. As the tale unfolds they solve complex puzzles using light and lumens to progress through the stages and effectively alter past events to heal Didis’ broken family. Dawn is a true friend in her cause, or is she?

In a world where perception is everything there are more than a few secrets hidden in the shadows. Only through the collectibles the backstory is revealed and the illuminated truth is puzzling to figure out. Didis’ real father is the Great Vincenzo, a master illusionist and magician who’s family possess a rare gift to interact with the shadow realm. The startling truth is, your real name is Aurora Rose and you aren’t really helping Didi, you have just been keeping her distracted in this shadow of memories until Vincenzo was ready to come pick her up. The Ending, as undefined as it is, is creepy to say the least.

Just goes to show that even Video Game Characters aren’t adverse to pulling the wool over your eyes. Do YOU know of any other characters that hide who they are, be it for good or ill? For more on Video Games and their hidden truths feel free to check out our other content over on YouTube and here on IGCritic.com.

Stay magic and see you next time 😉