Ahh Mortal Kombat. You’ve been a poster child for video game violence since your birth back in 1992 back when it was animated photographs serving as fighters. Now in 2016, you’re continuing that long running tradition of coming up with new violent, creative and incredibly brutal ways to see people tear each other apart. Let’s take a look at some of most disturbing Mortal Kombat X fatalities shall we?

5. Kotal Kahn, Tight Squeeze

I love hugging people. Whenever I see friends I haven’t seen in a while I give them a big hug because that’s what I do. Everyone says I give great hugs and that’s a title I hold on to proudly. I don’t think I’d want to defend that title if Kotal Kahn challenged me for it, I’d gladly concede. In the video above you can see why he has one of the most brutal Mortal Kombat X fatalities as he demonstrates exactly why he’s the undisputed king of hugging with his own style of confetti.

4. Jax, T-Wrecks

I think fair to say that Jax might be somewhat bitter about Ermac blowing both of his arms off. Then again, he’s got these super bad-ass cyber arms that he can just smash anything with. Casing point here is shoving the arms of Mileena inside her own torso, ripping her head open and stubbing out his cigar on the thing where Mileena’s head used to be. I think it’s fair to say Jax has one of the most brutal Mortal Kombat X fatalities and is pretty damn strong.

3. Kenshi, My Puppet

Oh Kenshi, he was my main character for Mortal Kombat X. I found myself playing as him more than anyone else so maybe there’s a little favoritism here but his “My Puppet” fatality is pretty horrific. It’s not as gory as others but it’s more based on the victim’s reactions. Watch above as Kenshi using sheer telekinetic power to blast poor Ermac’s spine and other important backbones straight out. Yet still, nerves (or muscles? I have no idea) stay attached to the otherwise detached backbones. Then continuing to use his telekinetic powers, Kenshi suspends Ermac in the air by said backbones as Ermac screams in terrifying agony. It’s pretty horrific and definitely one of the more brutal Mortal Kombat X fatalities.

2. Scorpion, Stop Ahead

Naturally, Mortal Kombat X‘s most iconic character had to be here somewhere. I’m pretty certain it was one of the first and most brutal Mortal Kombat X fatalities they released footage of. In this fatality, Scorpion blasts a massive fiery hole in poor Sub-Zero’s chest leaving his heart dangling in said hole. Sub-Zero falls to his knees at which point Scorpion puts his sword to good use and slices the front of Sub-Zero’s face off. Then we’re treated to a wonderfully bloody sight as half of Sub-Zero’s brain falls out of the hole where his face used to be and his tongue endlessly twitches around. Gross.

1. Sub-Zero, Bed of Ice

Have you ever seen that trick where people lay on a bed of nails? The weight is evenly distributed across the nails so the guy doesn’t end up with multiple holes in his body. Ever wondered what it’d look like if it went wrong? Well maybe this isn’t 100% accurate, but it must be somewhat similar right? Sub-Zero seems to really like those things, so here he is trying to find out just what it would look like if the bed of nails thing went horribly, horribly wrong with Scorpion serving as the victim test subject in our Mortal Kombat X fatalities list.