The best FPS (First Person Shooter) games come in many different forms; story driven singleplayer shooters, open world shooters, cooperative LAN games, and more recently hybrid games. Yet, by far and away the most significant and popular of these different branches of the FPS genre is the online FPS multiplayer shooter scene.

Online game modes, in particular competitive FPS shooters, have revolutionised the way in which online multiplayer shooter are played, breathing new life into the first person shooter genre by introducing skill based mechanics and tactical team play.

Despite an ever increasing amount of annualised IPs, and the rise of free to play online shooter games somewhat saturating the ecosystem, online first person shooters remain immensely popular, enjoyed by hard core enthusiasts and casual gamers alike. In fact, FPS games are one of the most played game genres across the entire gaming industry, whilst online FPS games are probably the most popular form of video gaming today.

With such tremendous interest in the genre, and a huge variety of popular shooters to choose from, we at IGCritic have listed our 10 best online FPS (First Person Shooter) games that deserve your attention, if you haven’t played these online FPS games already that is.

  1. COD: Black Ops 3

Genre: First-Person Shooter
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
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Call of Duty is perhaps one of the most popular game franchise’s in modern shooter gaming. After a string of successful WW2 era titles, the Call of Duty series exploded in popularity after launching the first of its Modern Warfare iterations, garnering significant attention among console gamers in the process. With the exception of Halo, Call of Duty might just be the most instrumental and best FPS shooter in the history gaming. The Call of Duty franchise has gone from strength to strength, releasing annually to record unprecedented commercial success.

The series latest game Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 continues the futuristic, almost science fiction theme that has become increasingly common in contemporary first person shooters. Black Ops 3 follows on from CoD: Advanced Warfare with the addition of augmented abilities such as wall running and double jump mechanics. The new mechanics add pace to the combat, and in combination with the series signature gunplay, makes for some frenetic firefights. In addition, COD players have a far greater variety of customisable options to enhance their characters including armour and weapon mods.

Call of Duty might be a decade old but, at least in regards to online multiplayer, the various developers charged with its annual release continue to find new ways to innovate and keep COD feeling fresh. Indeed, with the recent release of Call of Duty: Infinite warfare, which takes the series into space for the first time, expect the series popularity to continue claiming its spot as one of the best online FPS games out there (even though there was a lot of hate for it initially).

  1. Star Wars Battlefront

Genre: First-Person Shooter / Third-Person Shooter
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
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Star Wars: Battlefront carries with it the reputation of one of the most adored and best shooters of the last generation, with the previous game highly regarded for its blend of solid gunplay and space vehicle combat. Developer DICE’s latest video game might have done away with that formula, lacking the beloved space combat, but the new Battlefront set record sales when it launched in November 2015 and features a thriving community of gamers.

Part of Star Wars Battlefront’s appeal is its accessibility to a more casual audience. gameplay features such as recharging health, unlimited ammunition, and instant respawning shifts emphasis away from the difficult skill-based mechanics seen in many modern shooters and more toward an entertaining total package. Star Wars Battlefront is a blast to play without requiring much in the way of intricate tactics or shooting skill, it’s the sort of online first person/ third person shooter one can pick up and play 30 minutes, and then put down and forget about.

Featuring some of the best graphics on the PS4 and Xbox One, Star Wars Battlefront is a visual feast for the eyes and, in combination with some terrifically authentic sound design, results in the most authentic feeling Star Wars game that I’ve ever played.

Although Battlefront’s initial release was met with frustration by players, forcing the purchase of a premium Battlefront version for its full offering of content, DICE have released several free Battlefront maps since that time, making the current version much more attractive than the original Battlefront release. Moreover, with Battlefront prices for both the main game and its additional content sitting lower than at launch, now is a great time to hop in and enjoy Star Wars: Battlefront.

  1. Destiny

Genre: First-Person Shooter
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360
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The highly anticipated Destiny was somewhat of an anti-climax when it launched to mediocre reception back in 2014. The game presented a highly polished synergy of role-playing mechanics and tight first person gunplay when it was first revealed, but the gaming community weren’t pleased with the final release, and rightly so. A lack of any substantial single player campaign, an array of Destiny microtransactions, and a bare skeleton of content at Destiny’s launch wasn’t enough to sustain the millions that had bought into Destiny’s pre-release marketing.

Yet, Destiny still survived and currently supports one of the largest and most active gaming communities to be found anywhere in the online FPS multiplayer scene. In defence of developer Bungie, content was quickly added to Destiny, including the excellent The Taken King expansion which rectified many of the issues with Destiny’s singleplayer experience, as well as a host of updated multiplayer game modes. Indeed, the Destiny of today is a far cry from the original release, and the games success in bringing a “MMO” style first person shooter to the console scene should not be underplayed. Destiny is now considered one of the best online FPS games, regardless of its early wobble. Destiny continues to receive updates and support that make Destiny well worth buying, even if you are late on the scene.

  1. Halo 5: Guardians

Genre: First-Person Shooter
Platform: Xbox One
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Along with Call of Duty, Halo is a hallmark console shooter; a classic series that is as synonymous with first person shooter games as Mario is to platformers. Halo first built its reputation with one of the most entertaining and possibly best LAN multiplayer games ever seen on Xbox, finding its way into the dorm room of every college kid during the mid 2000’s, and helping to put the original Xbox on the map.

Although Halo 5: Guardians doesn’t feature the LAN multiplayer that the series first become famous for, the online multiplayer is perhaps some of the best online FPS yet seen in a Halo game. The multiplayer is both wonderfully smooth and responsive, but most importantly feels balanced and well thought out.

Perhaps the most unique feature of Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer in comparison with other popular FPS shooters is that the game very much plays in the style of shooters from the mid 2000s. Halo 5 has a distinctly Unreal Tournament flavour to its combat; its design feeling traditional in its approach to level design with features such as each player starting with the same weapons, forcing the revision of weapon locations on each Halo 5 multiplayer map.

Despite 343 incorporating some distinctly Call of Duty features to Halo 5, the new Xbox One Halo game remains a refreshing change of pace from the tactical approach of rival shooters such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, and Halo 5: Guardians is absolutely worth buying if you’re after a shooter rich in pedigree and unique in gameplay.

  1. Team Fortress 2

Genre: First-Person Shooter
Platform: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
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It’s downright amazing that the original PC iteration of Team Fortress 2 still boasts a lively and passionate player base who are wholly dedicated and enthralled by the games cast of characters and wholly fun and vibrant style of shooting. Since going free to play in 2011, there really is no reason to pass up on the hero shooter that really sparked the popularity in the genre.

No Team Fortress 2, no Overwatch! It really is that simple, relying heavily upon its colourful hero types and tight gameplay as opposed to the much or realistic and gritty aesthetic that other online shooters often present to the player. Though Team Fortress 2 has had a community-run competitive landscape since its initial launch in 2007, support for competitive play through ranked matchmaking has only been recently introduced this year, making it more user friendly and accessible. So jump in and enjoy!

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