Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS has become one of the most popular games out there, not only in the competitive circuit but with fans of the series as well. With a roster of 55 characters (with DLC included) there are tons of characters to choose from but there are few that rise above the average level of usefulness.

Here’s a list of what we consider the best Super Smash Bros Wii U characters (not including the DLC) that rise above and beyond any other characters in the game.



Kirby is a great Super Smash Bros character for beginners as his usefulness stems from his capability to take on the image and abilities of other Super Smash Bros characters. This can vary in usefulness depending upon who you are fighting. Typically Kirby can exploit his enemies’ strengths to his own advantage and gain. The downfall of Kirby is that aside from the ability to mimic other characters, he is pretty much limited since his attacks are fast but are not very powerful. His ability to jump at most 6 times in succession through proper use of his abilities tends to make Kirby very survivable though; also his speed allows him to fend off attackers easily.



Sheik’s has VASTLY been improved over Super Smash Bros. Brawl!  Sheik is among the fastest Super Smash Bros characters having a quick movement speed and fantastic mobility. Additionally, Sheik has a variety of skills that make her somewhat unpredictable, from her long range needle storm attack to her Vanish ability which gives her invisibility and invincibility for a short period of time. Her damage output is relatively low whilst her attacks (if difficult to pull off at times) have high knockback potential making her a dangerous contender for any Super Smash Bros competitive match. Despite her low damage output Sheik is known as one of the higher performing characters in Super Smash Bros tournaments. Using her effectively can definitively explain why!  Sheik is also great for players who are new and just prefer a more mobile, faster character.



In terms of recovery Pit is a great option for Super Smash Bros beginner players (despite not performing well in the tournament circuit). Pit is a well-rounded fighter that excels in moves that will allow him to recover from attacks that might knock him out of the ring. Additionally, he has both close range and long distance attacks thanks to Palutena’s bow which can shoot at long range or become twin daggers that allow him to attack enemies at close range. While his final Smash has a possibility of missing the target, Pit’s overall damage output is average at best. Pit is a great Super Smash Bros character for mobility and recovery. When used Effectively Pit can take down the slower, stronger characters without too much trouble though he has a problem when it comes to characters with higher damage outputs and better mobility.



The Male (or Female) Avatar from Fire Emblem Awakening plays much like his role in the game he was created for. Robin is a tactician through and through. You will need to be careful as his tomes and Levin sword have durability on them that will prevent Robin from using them after the durability has been exhausted. With Nosferatu as a self-healing ability that also does damage, Robin is versatile. Nosferatu does require the player to be at close range in order to use it effectively. Thunder, elthunder, arcthunder, and thoron are great examples of Robin’s versatile range as each level of the spell has a different range and use, with the spell increasing in power at the cost of increasing the durability it uses. Thoron for example pierces through opponents and deals high knock-back while also using the tome’s entire durability in one shot. Robin also has fire and wind magic, with Fire being used mostly for disrupting opponents and racking up damage while the wind magic is used for recovery and defensive play. The Bronze Sword that Robin uses is weak on damage but gives a high capacity for combos and knockback potential.

Robin is a very risk/reward style Super Smash Bros character that, if used effectively, can dominate battles and decimate your family and friends in Super Smash Bros.

Captain Falcon


Captain Falcon is a refreshingly re-balanced character compared to Brawl where he was practically useless.  Captain Falcon has now been rightfully returned to his roots with decent mobility, strong attacks, and excellent KO potential. While Captain Falcon’s walking speed is rather slow, his dash makes up for it, enabling him to reach his opponents quickly to deliver punishing attacks that can knock enemies long distances. Captain Falcon’s easy to learn Super Smash Bros combos, enable players with a variety of skill levels to use him effectively. His recovery is rather weak (as most of his recovery abilities can be easily intercepted) but Captain Falcon is a favorite both on the competitive circuit and with players of all capabilities and skill.

There are plenty of other great characters in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, but these are our top Super Smash Bros characters that stand out amongst the crowd. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to factor in recently added characters like Cloud and Bayonetta.

With 55 different characters (including DLC) Super Smash Bros players are sure to find characters that fits their play style no matter their skill level.