February marks the start of the Lunar new year, and the start of the Steam Lunar Sale. Here are 4 games on Steam sale that you really shouldn’t miss in this Steam Sale!

  1. Rocket League


Ready for some explosions, cars and football? Go overdrive in a futuristic world where cars and football collide with Rocket League by Psyonix . The rules are simple: play football and dominate the arena using your rocket powered super car. Although more popular for its multiplayer gameplay, Rocket League also has a game mode called season mode for players to enhance their single player experience.

Released last July 2015, Rocket League is one of the top sellers on Steam today.

  1. Ark: Survival Evolved


Currently on its Early Access release, Ark: Survival Evolved has been a favourite game title in the Steam Lunar Sale today .

Stranded on an island called Ark, players discover mysteries in an open world while striving for survival. Go on adventures each day, build shelter, and kill or tame different creatures roaming the island. Players can also choose between siding with other players to build a shelter for humanity or hunt them down.

Developer and Publisher, Studio Wildcard, is currently putting Ark: Survival Evolved through its bug testing and feedback phase, but it is very well received so far.

  1. Undertale


Amid all the high-quality graphics, detailed interfaces and games running with Unreal Engine, is a pixel-filled gem made by Toby Fox .

Welcome to the world of Undertale where a rich and deep story lie beneath the ground. No, really. It’s literally underground! The player controls a character who accidentally finds themselves falling underground in a world filled with strange creatures and violent monsters.

During battle, Undertale players can use timing to inflict extra damage to your foes, and avoid their attacks in a top-down shooter style. But killing is not entirely necessary. With a unique battle system, Undertale enables players to avoid conflict by negotiating with their enemies.

  1. Witcher III: Wild Hunt


Winner of over 300 awards, including video game of the year for 2015, Witcher III: Wild Hunt is one of the top selling games on Steam, and it’s up for sale on Steam right now. Play as a professional monster hunter in this story rich free roaming RPG, exploring various lands filled with many dangers to find a child of prophecy. To save or destroy the world is within the hands of the player, letting gamers have the chance to make powerful decisions.

The Steam Lunar sale has already begun for this, and will end on February 12th, 2016.